Card charges

@Jiten Jupiter is going to change its debit card look i recently see new debit card design in reward section?

it is not being made live yet. payment has to be made at time of ordering the physical card.

@Jiten Ok


Is their any chance you can change your mind for charging money for issuance and reissuance of debit card infuture?

Now we have to maintain 10,000 to earn jewels on the other hand we can earn only 150 jewels even maintain 10,000 . You guys have broke my trust on jupiter debit card charges now this


I am also surprised by checking this…₹199 + gst for physical card is way too high… I am not a new customer.when I opened my account I decided to stay with virtual card only but when I tried to order one today I saw the charges. Even hdfc charges ₹100 + gst for new card not sure why it is high in Jupiter
Slowly and silently they are removing the rewards or introducing new charges!

In order to earn 1% reward you have to maintain 10k. You are a new user after 3 month you have to maintain 10k

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does that mean I can still order a physical debit card for free if I register today?
I am on the KYC step and the app already asked me where to send the card, it did not ask for any payment. so will I receive a physical card for free? and also if in case I don’t want to register can I ignore the KYC?

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@deepanshuarya I dont think jupiter started charging for debit card ordering.

True. As I said earlier. They are just like other companies who gives false promises all the times just with the motive of increasing customer base.

@helloarun true bro there is no difference between in jupiter and other banks jupiter now giving rewards on after depositing 10k i will rather use slice in order to earn rewards and it will build my credit score

But it states on website so I don’t want to do anything in void.
I want to open my account before 15 as College is no longer accepting cash Therefore kindly clear that if I will be charged for first time physical credit card?
@Jiten kindly add something if I am missing

@Shawnpinto It’s better to update the fees landing page if you’re not charging for a physical debit card rn. It’s confusing otherwise.

The fees and charges page is something I check first before testing a service. So, this would only confuse users.

@Binoy they start mention everywhere about the debit card charges ₹199 excluding gst. I think they start charging if you order a debit card