NEW Banking Charges

Today I received a mail regarding the New Updated Banking Charges…

They said specially for IMPS in my case tho.

Charges for virtual debit card also

I think update is for Fi. I couldnt find any changes in jupiter’s side :thinking:

It is applicable across all Federal Bank platforms and relative Banking Schemes
Service Charges and Fees (With effect from 01st April 2024).pdf (400.8 KB)

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I was talking about changes in jupiter. Was there any significant changes in Jupiter?

BTW I didnt knew we could embed PDF in the community. nice (edit : it works only on pc)

@Aswin_Benny, Yes there are huge changes in Jupiter, Even they are Charging Debit Card Fee on Salary Account :frowning:

We are not charging any fees on Debit card


@Jiten , Thanks for your Reply.

are the below charges on DC not applicable, wef, 1st.apr.2024?

I do shared the full charges PDF from federal bank(Parent Bank)

Can anyone explain me that the Physics Debit Card Annual fee is ₹199 or ₹299?
And it will be waived for a Annual merchant transaction of ₹25000?

Understanding is right. Federal Bank does charges for all accounts. We provide waivers for specific conditions being met.