Bye Bye Jupiter 🙂

After being one of the oldest members, I chose to close my account. I still have a Federal Bank account but not through Jupiter.


  • HRs don’t get convinced moving accounts to Jupiter.
  • Without the same, my Transactions and NRV will be lower.
  • AMC on Virtual Card is outrageous
  • No extended ATM withdrawals allowed due to paucity of Federal Bank ATMs.

So, here I bid adieu to the account - but as a product manager - would still like to participate in the group and provide suggestions and news.

Thanks to all who made it till here, Jiten and team.


Hello @Debosmit_Majumder, super senior brother, :orange_heart:

I’m disheartened to hear such things, especially coming from one of our longstanding members. Interestingly, my situation is quite the opposite. I had both Fi and Jupiter accounts, but I recently closed my Fi account and decided to stick with Jupiter.

I believe our Boss has already clarified that annual charges will be waived with certain spending limits, and this policy will only come into effect in 2024. There’s a chance that the ATM issues and other related problems will be resolved in the near future.

I understand that I don’t have the right to interfere in your personal decision. Nevertheless, I kindly request you to reconsider your choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi yes agreed on it.

However, in banking, everything should be on paper (or a digital page). The customer support (Shreyashi) informed that there will be charged this year but no charges 2024 onwards. Which is quite opposite to what you mentioned here.

That statement made me question the policies here.

@Debosmit_Majumder here is the screenshot of the email received from Jupiter regarding the debit card charges. While the debit AMC will be charged in 2024, there are waiver criteria that can be met prior to that. The response from the customer support team was not completely inaccurate.


I am also not using my account for a long time i.e. keeping zero balance. I will either close my account before paying the charge, or keep it at zero balance, until Jupiter doesn’t resolve my issue with it’s app.


Thanks for the screenshot Yagnesh.

Makes sense of what the support personnel told me - however she insisted there is no AMC after the first charge instead of mentioning the terms in the email.

Ideally all of this should be added to the website and support should reference it with anchor links.

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Agree 100% with the fact that customer service executives should have all the information with them on everything related to Jupiter (at least in the area they serve) including the recent changes that happened

This one is the most hilarious reply given to a customer by a Jupiter customer executive.


@Debosmit_Majumder the website is updated. Here is the link - Jupiter Terms and Conditions

They had to update it in a generic way to ensure new customers signing up can digest it better.

Isn’t there any option to close the virtual debit card.

Ya, I also found that hilarious when the customer executive said that did actually called me to tell me my transaction total after an hour of the manually calculating.

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@alec hope you can find the answer regarding the virtual card here:

Also, thanks for confirming that the executive actually did what he/she promised. That’s dedication at its peak. :clap: (I never expected this end, I thought the executive told so lightly, but he/she was serious actually)

Oh, I am still in touch with him, he is handling my issue of notification of “pro is going to expire” while I have a pro for 3 months issue. And one issue for the pots and super pots amount mis match on the pots page and on the net worth page.