What happens if the app shuts down?

I have been using the app for two weeks now and it’s been a great experience. The insights are what I find really helpful apart from the great debit card design and rewards ofcourse.
But I have been wondering what happens to our saving if by any chance the app needs to shut down.
Can we access it through Federal Bank? They don’t allow internet banking through their website to jupiter accounts that i checked. Also, the savings in pots doesn’t show up in account balance through other upi apps.
What will happen to our “money” in such hypothetical situation?


Well in that case Federal bank will allow netbanking and mobile banking for Jupiter account.

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Yes, that is plausible but the pots balance doesn’t show up in account balance.
I don’t worry much that the team at jupiter will take care of things but I couldn’t even find a business model for how jupiter earns revenue.
It would be great to have a link if the resource, preferably text, exists anywhere. Google search and jupiter community search didn’t give anything.

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Financial services have revenue economics fortunately in form of interchange revenue, fee income and interest income. At full scale, when we have launched all product suites, we will make all 3 revenue lines depending upon the product availed by consumer. As on date, we rely on debit card interchange revenue only.


Muchas Gracias, Jiten n team. More power to Jupiter!

Whatever future additional income generators you guys may come up with. I sure hope the primary services remain free for the masses.

Shutting features behind a paywall sucks. :pensive:


As far as post, we want to provide maximum benefits to our customers. That being said, unit economics have to make sense