Jupiter experience

Hello all,
Can you guys share your experience with Jupiter. Lets give feedback on why we are closing account/extending your support to Jupiter. Let the team knows it in one place.
I am changing my salary account to different bank. I expected Jupiter to offer better debit card rewards. Also I didn’t like how Jupiter operates. For example every user have different offers (with same account category). I didn’t expect that.
Still I love to use normal Jupiter account for personal use cases. On the plus side I find Jupiter Customer support is good.


I’m trying to highlight a fraud that I unravelled on Jupiter.

They are siphoning off your money from savings account in small chunks without leaving any trail in transactions page. So, if you’re not tracking your balance accurately you’ll keep losing small small bits over a period of time. I noticed this and highlighted it.

I had to face mental agony and harrassment and after giving the threat of RBI Ombudsman, my issue was addressed. I immediately transferred all of my funds to different bank account and blocked my Jupiter debit card.

Attaching the conversation that ensued regarding this on the community

no trail of transaction in bank statement ??

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Seriously, is it true?
Can you please show us some proof? @Shawnpinto Your views.

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I’m not sure what happened here, but I believe the team did resolve this :tick:
Funds can’t be just ‘wiped out’ like that.

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The proof is the conversation I’ve attached. After highlighting it, it was rectified for this particular instance. God knows, how many times they have done this to me. Since there is no train in the account statement, it becomes very difficult to notice Unless you regularly track you expense and incoming with great accuracy.

@Shawnpinto It was wiped out, dear. Kindly consult your team who after repeated complaints agreed to their mistake.

There was no trail. It was wiped out. No trail in statement. And, your pathetic customer support made it really tiring for me.

Never ever I’m going to put funds in your bank again

@Pratyay_Mustafi No. No trail absolutely. I could notice it only when I transferred 5000 in the account and the balance showed less than 5000.

It was a shocker to me. There were no deductions/outgoing transactions after this transfer and yet my account balance was below 5000.

Sometimes transactions take time to appear. I noticed delay. But eventually they were updated. But this is surprising brother. For how long they vanished?

@specter 5 days. It is a serious goof-up. Something they’re effecting from their end. Small chunks of money are being wiped out. No trail in transaction page/account statement so, you wouldn’t even realise something has been deducted.

Moreover, they didn’t acknowledge it
I tried every avenue to reach them out.

In-app help. No resolution provided
Twitter. No resolution provided
Call. No resolution provided.
LinkedIn. No resolution provided

Finally, issue was addressed today. But what’s the guarantee it didn’t happen in the past?

To add more agony to my pain, their customer executives are really incompetent.

I had never experienced such a pathetic customer redressal system in my life.

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There was an issue with the Sync between the Bank and the App. While we were able to see the balance at our end, the bank balance at Bank’s end was not getting synched. It got solved when the team manually synched it today.

Since there are multiple systems at play, there are time out issues which can take place. We already have a cron which kicks in everyday to circumvent these sync issues (like any other application), however, there are limits to the automated systems which then come in as manually sync’s wherein it takes more than desired time to synch.

While we understand that there was a delay in the synching of balances, we assure you that the money was secured and there are no such pending issues currently open in our system.


Hi @Nikhil_Godbole .
What do you mean my bank balance at Bank’s end was not getting synced?
It means it was an issue with the bank itself?
Would the correct balance be reflected in the Federal net banking during this time?

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Why did you act only when I highlighted this issue? You make it sound like a routine issue. What had happened had I not pointed it out? Where would be this ‘wiped out’ fund? In your coffers.

It’s not a routine issue. It’s not. It was not proactively sorted. I’m a serving civil servant in Ministry of Defence. I’ve friends working at RBI as senior officers and I spoke to them. It doesn’t take 5 days to address a “syncing issue” for a bank.

I’ll get to the end of what happened with my account. Highlighting the goof up here as my larger responsibility to the society as a civil servant.

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@specter @Shubham_Satyam As stated earlier, the credit entry was duly recorded in our systems, however, it was not synched to the bank balance. This issue was with one specific entry and even our ledger balance was as per the correct entries.

You are correct when it comes to synching issues not taking more than 5 days, however, this was an edge case which had crossed the threshold of our Auto synchronous cron jobs and fallen into a manual queue to be literally pushed to the system by a human, hence, the delay.

This being said, it is not the best of experience which you have had and we are extremely sorry about the same. As an immediate step, we have taken this up as a fix with the Bank on priority to avoid any such issues in future. Let me assure you that this is the first case wherein the ledger was updated and display was an issue.

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@Nikhil_Godbole Don’t you believe I’m entitled to damages for what I had to face because of this miss?

Why should I allow you to harrass me mentally for no fault of mine? You’re lucky that we’re still way poor in enforcing consumer rights and this kind of torture goes unpunished.

While you’re at it, kindly also reflect on your customer support system which is pathetic to the say the least. No one was able to tell me what happened with my money except for sending ‘templated replies’ which reflected gross neglect for customer’s concerns.

Now, after going through this thread I assume there’s some serious issue going on with jupiter. I have also face this kind of balance sync issue, which I’ve already reported.


On a personal front - my account opening was seamless. I really do not use the debit cards as extensively as I am more of a credit card user. Have been fortunate to have not run into issues that others have run into. And on instances when I had to interact with the customer support, the overall experience was as expected.

On my company’s front - I had been scouting for a Salary account solution for our company for a fairly long time and did run into issues with the larger banks due to their rigid requirements. As compared to them, my company’s onboarding with Jupiter was very smooth, the initial account set ups were smooth and issues encountered by the employees were addressed in a timely manner. For our employees, the group insurance benefit that comes with the Jupiter salary account, has been a boon. Off late, there have been a few hick ups in the account opening. Still nothing that dents our confidence in this relationship.

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I have reported this balance sync issue more than one month ago, but till now you’re unable to resolve it for me.

Every time I have to contact with cs to get my balance updated and then they sync it manually from their end. It’s a terrible experience for me. My balance never updated on its own in real time. For some instances it even take 6-7days.


@saurabh.s This should not happen. Will get someone from the team reach out to you tomorrow.

The issue we are discussing is different than that of the one you are referring to. In your case, the balance sync worked and the issue got resolved on the spot. But it should not be dependent on someone manually synching it everytime. It’s definitely not the experience we want to put anyone through.

Team has already reached out to me, but they unable to resolved it yet. They sync my balance few times but every time I make a new transaction the same issue occurred once again.