Jupiter as primary bank for my demat and trading account

Is it okay to make Jupiter a primary bank for transferring and receiving funds to our demat and trading accounts upto transactions of Rs.10 lacs?
Or accounts will be put on debit freeze or credit freeze for doing so?
Came across some incidents where Fi Money has been doing this.
Please give a clarification so that we can proceed further.
@Jiten @Shawnpinto


Personally i use jupiter as my primary bank account for zerodha. Till now everything has been smooth.


Thanks for the reply @Devansh_Bartwal . How often you make transactions and are they big transactions like more than Rs.1 lakh?
Okay. I am a regular trader. So just needed a clarification from the team too so that no further clarifications in the future arises.

They are of less than 1L. It works fine though.

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Sorry for tagging you repetitively.
But can you please clarify this so that we can go ahead. :slight_smile:

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Hey @specter , As long as you clearly mention the declared income source properly.
I think it should be okay.

Where the income source should be mentioned?
Can you please explain it properly. I didn’t get you. :frowning:

When they are legit transactions, why the account will get frozen?
That’s what my question was all about.

Yeah came across this happening with Fi money accounts. So wanted to clarify with Jupiter too. :confused:

For any money that you need at the 11th hour, better to park that with traditional banks.