Upi accounts and Pots account bug

Hello @Jiten @Bankofthefuture @Chirag_Heda @sahil-sorathiya

When ever I am trying to add federal bank account in phone pe or other upi apps I am finding two accounts . I don’t know why it happening but I think i noticed this issue after completion of vkyc .


I noticed that the other bank account belongs to my pots saving in jupiter .

Do pots will have separate bank account ?

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Yup - Pot savings are in a separate bank account that sits in parallel to your main Jupiter account. So you can keep savings aside while accessing them readily, all from within the Jupiter app.

We are in conversation with our banking partner to disable UPI for the Pots Savings Account - thereby ensuring that this 2 account confusion doesn’t arise


When ever I do upi transactions with pots account the amount is not updating in jupiter pots screen .

Actually I am having 890.62 in pots . I made upi transaction with pots bank account of Rs 1 debited .
Then again I added Rs 1 to pots . So my updated balance in pots account is 890.62 . But the upi 1rs transaction didn’t reflected in tha jupiter pots section so my pots Balance in jupiter is 891.62 . But I made withdrawal of 890.62 in pots . In jupiter pots section my balance is Rs1 .

When ever i try to delete the pot it showing something wrong . Because the Upi Rs 1 transaction does not reflcted in jupiter pots section . So my balance in pots in jupiter is 1rs but actually i have 0rs in pots . So when ever i try to delete pots first it transfer the money to main account . But in this case there is no money in pots .
So while deleting pot the 1rs is not getting transfered to main account because there is no remaining balance.


Get it fixed asap .


Yeah, understand the issue @SaiRaj. This is a bug - thanks for pointing it out :raised_hands:

We’re working on a fix for this. Will update you here when we have one.


Is it possible to view the Account Info of Pots Account?

also, Can we use it like normal UPI? Like send funds directly…
(Which can be cool)

Yeah you can use like normal upi transactions at present .
But that makes no use of pots . There are in plan to disable upi for pots account .

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But it would be cool if we can directly deposit money to Pots via UPI ID :smile:

We are fixing this soon.

Hello @Jiten @Chirag_Heda .

Still I can’t delete the pot . Is there any update on the pots ??

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@Jiten @Chirag_Heda @sahil-sorathiya

I did not create any pot on Jupiter.
But got this email today.

Was this pot created by Jupiter for every Jupiter user?

Yes I too received same mail

yes. this is a new feature for POTS account wherein interest accrued would be categorised under Interest POT

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How to Close Pots Account?.

Hi @Sujayraj @CarolinMerces - This was a bug which we’ve quickly fixed. The pots that were created have now been deleted from the backend. You shouldn’t see them in your app now.

Would like to reassure that in during this, there was no money movement involved - your Jupiter account balance and existing Pots balances are all intact.


Ok…now it’s removed…I also got email…but it is not showing in app

Yes because it was a bug, and now is fixed.

Delete the email.

(Did you get the email around 5:35 am today?
If yes then you got it at the same time as everyone else, delete it, its of no use now.)

Hi @CarolinMerces - The Jupiter Pots account sits in parallel to your Jupiter account to house all your Pot savings. The separate account was designed so that you could keep savings money away from spending money, all within the convenience of your Jupiter account.

The Pots account has the exact same benefits as your Jupiter account - same interest rate, no minimum balance requirements. It however, comes along with your Jupiter account, so no way to close it alone.

Hey, :wave:

Okay no problem I will not close the Pots Account

Still I can see the intrest pot in my account .