Jupiter Pots

The Pots idea maybe borrowed from ICICI IWISH. As it seems like that for me . But the whole Jupiter app is intuitive that’s what impressing me. So further coming back to feedback , in depositing money in pots have only one option by transferring money from Jupiter account to pot, right ? . Why don’t you allow us to deposit money to Pot using different payment method? Maybe other bank debit card, credit card, UPI. Ok I do understand there maybe charges for these kind of payment gateway but if you mention the charges and give option to customers. It will be awesome :relaxed: thank you

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@naveenprt The POTS account isn’t meant to be used a regular bank account for transferring funds. Hence the account details for the POTS account isn’t shown in the app.

It acts like a piggy bank. You add money into it bit by bit and withdraw later once the goal is achieved.

The POTS account is mapped to your Jupiter savings account. So the transfer is only between these 2 accounts.


@Shawnpinto I did see pots have an account number…also can you advise when are interests paid on pots…and the rate of interest…

Does this mean we do not get any interest on money in pots ?

You do get the same interest as that of savings account.

Thanks, i was not aware of this fact.