Jupiter Pots

Hi, I’ve been using Jupiter for a while.
I have one suggestion regarding “JUPITER POTS”.

I’ve segregated my Pots according to my needs for example, Shoes, Books, travel Etc.
Now Instead of withdrawing money from the POT . Can we directly pay it through Pot account ?

For instance: Every Month I keep aside 1000 Rs to purchase books. If a book cost me 273 rs firstly I’ve to transfer it to to my Jupiter account and then Pay. Instead It will be great if I can directly pay it through Pot. So that I get an idea also How much money is left for me to buy more books in that peculiar Amount. ( Only for the pots with No-Lock in Period)

Also, While Withdrawing the money - Suggestions say
1)Saved enough
2)lending to friend
3) unexplanned expenses
4)cash crunsch
5)Economic collapse
6)I don’t wish to say

Now it will be great If we can add another option like " Only withdrawing some amount for expense".

Navneet Kaur
Product designer