POTS for 2022 | Start by saving? Thoughts?

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to understand how you’ve been the Pots feature and what do you think about it :eyes:

  1. Did Pots help you save in any way? If yes, do let us know how it helped you.
  2. Have you ever reached your goal amount?
  3. At any point in time, did you ever edit the goal amount due to some unforeseen circumstances?
  4. When do you withdraw your money from it?
  5. What else would you like to see from this feature? Do suggest improvements as well.

These are some of the things we would like to know from you guys. Any other thoughts on the Pots feature itself are most welcome.

Comment down your thoughts on Pots and probably let us know how you see this feature in 2022! :grimacing:

Psst, We created a sub category called ‘Features’, and every week or 2, we’ll highlight 1 feature. It can be in the app, upcoming, or other references. This is your moment to share what you think about the feature you always wanted to talk about. We’re listening! :slight_smile:


Haven’t used pots feature. Tried it out, but didn’t have a need to use it yet. Seems like a good feature, I’d love if it could be used to invest in some liquid funds. Such as create a pot for higher education and sip into it which invests automatically into some funds based on risk appetite of the user.


POTS is good intiative alothugh i would like to have more interest rate on it than savings account rate. Gamification to save would also help to save more.


Because of the low interest rates in pots some users might not use this feature including me.
If you could increase its interest rate to normal FD interest rates and impose penalty if withdrawn before maturity. Then it might attract Jupiter users to use this feature to put aside their money.
Similar feature is offered by Fi money in the name of “Smart Deposit”.


Also, we need to make users aware about how much interst thney earn using pot Learning to use Pots


I’m using Pot , it’s give the feel like Gullak ( Piggy Bank) and here is some special about Pot -

  1. We can have multiple Pots for different requirement , like for Recharge, Mutual Fund , New Phone & other Savings for future without further notes.

  2. Most of us , add money in pot which earn by CashBack .

  3. This balance is seperately showing so don’t have any confusion .

Hoping in future you’ll introduce Mutual Fund or similar to it , as introduced " Gold " which is not much worthy as I have to pay 3% Tax ( as per government rule) + %2 loss on selling .


This is great. Would love to understand more. Would you be available for a short chat sometime?

I used pots for-

  1. Separating money for upcoming credit card bill payment
  2. Planning next month’s expenses
  3. Storing cashback/jewels

So for me, it was more of an expense management tool.

For savings purposes, higher interest rate is needed.
Also auto save on rule basis would be useful.

Also, why clicking on pots icon on home screen takes to new pot creation. It should be linked to all pots page or to a selected pot only.


Dhruv, This is extremely useful feedback. Would you be available for a short call? Would love to understand your needs more

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Pots is good idea but useless untill it is automated.
If we can set rules to add money specified to a specific pot after every transaction or after every payment to a specific category of transaction like if i do a payment of 1000 in shopping then add 5% of it to a saving pot.

also it would be better if we can earn more interest or atleast earn rewards for saving in pots /reaching our goals.

Current i use it to store my rewards or to save some money to invest it in some crypto each month


Brilliant. Love the suggestion here @Navharsh_Kr. Can you spare 20 min to chat with me on what will make this more useful to you please?

Would love to get feedback

Pots is a really good feature,

I’ve used this feature to separate funds from the main account balance so it limits me from spending the excess money via UPI or card.

Used pots to store the jewels received, also any passive income so as to park funds.

Many are dissatisfied with the interest rates provided of 2.5%. An increase in interest rates for pots and also a set of rules like automatically depositing funds into pots after a specific transaction. Basically an auto save feature.


The automated savings in pots is very useful suggestion.

In general, what other rules would you like to setup?

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Can we please option to reinvest the interest in pot and make money by earning iterest on interest ?

I would be happy to chat with you on the topic @Bharat

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It’s probably a feature I can’t see myself using much, as there is little to no purpose it serves personally.

From Jupiter’s perspective, it part of the goal is to educate, this might be counter productive as it plays into heuristics.


Pots features lack some basic but powerful and much needed features.

  1. Auto add money to a pot if I spend on certain category.

  2. Auto add money to pot each month/week.

To explain further, if I spent say 100 on food then add 2% to my savings pot. On the start on each month add 500 to my investment pot.


I don’t like the fact that POTS were created under my customer id without my consent. I believe it was added as part of some Christmas/New year ‘savings goal’ marketing campaign. I didn’t ask for it.

It’s all good and nifty you have POTS feature for people who want to save or want to keep some money aside. But please don’t try to forcefully push the features on your users. Let them decide if they want to make use of it or not.

If am not wrong, POTS accounts are just normal accounts with no UPI id associated to them (I can be wrong though). I think Jupiter must be getting some extra commission from Federal bank to increase the number of accounts they hold with them or may be Jupiter is obligated to have a certain minimum number of account in specific period to avoid certain fees/charges with Federal bank. Or may be Jupiter wanted to inflate the number of accounts to impress new investors and raise funds. I really can’t think of any other commercial reasoning behind why Jupiter decided “let’s add an extra account in all our customers’ profiles and tell them they can use it for savings.”

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Loved pots, it’s a great way to have a goal and save towards it.
I just had a suggestion, if we could setup auto-pay for the pots just like other apps like jar or spenny where they roundup your expenses and auto invest in gold or mutual funds, but rather than investing in gold or mutual funds we could invest in pots for short term savings