Introducing roundups or rules for pots

Everytime a transaction occurs, the actual amount can be rounded up to the nearest number and the difference which is a spare change can be saved in pots which accumulates over time and makes a good saving. This feature exists already in the fi neobank I guess. Jarapp, spenny, roundups, deciml all have similar functions. Introduce this feature if possible.


This is a great feature. Would love this feature on jupiter. Jupiter team, make this happen.

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All transactions that happen through your Jupiter debit card or UPI app, can set a rule like
For example, if you spend Rs. 172 at a cafe, it will round it up to Rs. 180, and that difference of Rs. 8 would be automatically be deposited in pots. Can be hundreds or thousands as roundups too.


@shkilluminate great idea!! Hope Jupiter team look upon this and implement this ASAP.
Truly appreciate your idea though😄


This is great! But some doubts.
Let’s say you had Rs.172 in your account and the transaction was also for Rs.172. There wouldn’t be a remaining balance in this case, right? Or is it something like “Only if you have the eligible balance”, you can round up the amount and can be stored in pots?

Did I get it right? :sweat_smile:

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Roundups won’t be debited with each txn. Instead it will keep adding up and once it reaches a predefined amount like 100 or 1000 it will get invested. User can set autoinvest using upi autopay or do it manually.

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That can be left to Jupiter team and developers :sweat_smile:, maybe an automated ‘stop’ or ‘pause’ button when the account balance reaches a certain balance below 100 or an option for turning it off manually by the user.

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