Dear Jupiter Team, app concept is really good, but small investors like me, having some issues, like, if I want to create a pot for small expenditure by daily savings then the amount is not deducting from my personal bank account as there is no place for mandate in Jupiter app. That is why I am unable to create some value for this app. And there are some issues regarding payments like when we are going to do the payment, which time I should use the Jupiter money or our personal bank money,it is creating a confusion which I did not get it. Hope it will be better if you make a tutorial video and share to us and in that video you will present about handling of this app

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Welcome to the community @duttasantanu84 :v:t2:

Regarding the first query related to Savings Habits and POTS, I think the amount gets deducted from the Jupiter account according to the timeframe set by the user. The auto deposit automatically fails when there is no sufficient balance. There is no penalty or extra charge when such things happen.

Regarding the Second part,
It is always better to check the latest offers and use Jupiter for payments since you get rewards in the form of jewels.

I too agree with you on the idea of a tutorial video related to these matters :+1:t2:

There is auto debit facility in POTS feature from Jupiter account

Dear Sir, I know, that for the pot, it is automatically debiting from the Jupiter account, but,here in my case, I have to transfer the money from my personal savings account to Jupiter account,then only the auto debit process will work. But there are certain financial commitment also through my personal savings bank account like loans etc, so, it means, I have to keep aside some money for Jupiter Pot, which does not make any sense.

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It would be better,if you allow us to pay for the Jupiter Pot, directly from our bank account, otherwise we have to keep aside the money for Jupiter Pot, which doesn’t make sense.

Dear Goyal Ji, what I tried to suggest, is that, you can’t see what you are saving, in this way only, you can save, otherwise if you have to transfer the money manually then it will same as our traditional gullak and before fulfilling the financial target, it will get dissolved, however, it is my personal opinion.

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I think I got your idea. From my understanding it is a really good one.

I think you meant habits feature on pots but you can also deposit by autodebit from other bank accounts (option is handy if the salary account is different and you want to use jupiter for saving money).

Plus paying from pots also looks interesting. Eg. If someone made a pot called credit card and added money. To pay CC bill, instead of breaking the pot, user can directly pay via pots. It saves time too. It makes sure that you spend only the amount you need to spend for that particular category. Instead of assuming and releasing money from pots (because it’s time consuming).

@duttasantanu84 Am I close?

Currently both these features are not available on Jupiter. I believe both of them are really useful features especially paying from pots (I don’t know if it’s feasible).

One another feature I feel interesting will be the an option to add another person to contribute in the pots.

Dear Aswin Ji,

I simply want to use Jupiter as POT or a money saving app, and where I can save daily a certain amount forcibly or blindly but it would be deducted from customer bank account automatically through e mandate, already JAR and other money saving app are doing. They are directly debiting the amount from customer’s personal savings account,the only difference is that, they are selling gold to customer which is not feasible for one.

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Will there be any solution in near future?