(Poll of the week 📊) How do you use Pots?

Hello again! :hyper_wave:

The team is working on improving your experience with pots and wanted to know your behavior and thoughts on it.

We have a set of polls for you below:

Do you set a goal amount on your pots? :dart:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Woah! I didn’t know about this feature

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How do you use pots (not Super pots) currently? :blobthink:

  • Segregating monthly spends (Budgeting) Ex: Bills, premiums, SIPs
  • Saving for goals (travel, gadgets, etc) or emergency
  • To not spend the money anywhere else
  • Other

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And the below one is for Superpot users :superhero:

Why do you use Superpots?

  • Saving for long-term goals
  • To get a higher interest rate
  • Don’t want to spend money anywhere else
  • Other

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Apart from this, We’d love to hear about your experience on pots and how we can improve this.
Let’s use this thread to compile all the Pots-related discussions and take this to the next level.

Have a great weekend everyone! :cool_doge:


Posted this some days back. Hope this gets implemented for both POTS and SuperPOTS.


No doubt, Pots are a great way to budgeting and save for short-term goals.
I have a suggestion to enhance the functionality of the savings pots by allowing direct spending from it. Implementing this feature would greatly improve our ability to utilize the saved funds for our intended expenses.


This would be very helpful for users, as currently we have to transfer money from pots to main account before we can make a transaction.

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I am currently using Super Pots to build my emergency fund. The thing is I can add any amount any day, and still get a comparatively better interest rate.


And, on completing the SuperPots period, POTS shouldn’t be broken so that we don’t have to recreate the same POT for continuing expenses of next year.


If we put money in mobikwick xtra we get an interest rate of 12% p.a and we can withdraw the money anytime we want , no lock-in periods. So why should I put money that give only 6 or 7 % p.a which is locked for a period of time…


Risk factor is different there and here.
You can’t compare both @alan735

You cannot directly compare the both. Mobikwik xtra is P2P lending, while P2P lending can offer attractive returns, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks. Unlike Pots, P2P lendings are not insured by RBI.

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Don’t regret if you haven’t understood how risk rewards equation works.


Coming from a rural area, where collection agents from various co-operative banks (mostly females) visit our homes to set up day deposit accounts (referred to as ‘pigmy’ here), I was totally surprised to find a digital version of this on Jupiter as a feature called “POTS”, when I started the account in 2021.

The primary motivation behind creating pots for me is to plan for various goals such as emergencies, travel, or purchasing specific products etc… I’m not particularly concerned about interest rates. So, I haven’t created a super pot yet.

In addition to pursuing my own personal goals, I find myself consistently saving in pots whenever there are challenges like the “Weekly Savings Challenges.” In fact, these challenges, both version 1 and 2, have greatly helped me in developing healthy savings habits.

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Different pots have different uses Manish.
People set aside expenses and segregate them.

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Jupiter also offering P2P in future , and P2P haven’t any insurance, but Bank have upto 5 lacs ( including Savings, pot , superpot, fixed deposit)

P2p doesn’t give you guaranteed back, but Bank gives as per selected interest rate

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wow where to check it and how to verify it .

you mean p2p loan?

@alec The suggestion/feedback put forward by @specter is yet to be implemented.

Btw,P2P means Peer to Peer lending. It uses online platforms to directly connect people who want to borrow money with people who want to lend money . So instead of taking out a traditional loan from a bank or credit union, you borrow money from individual investors who are registered on a P2P lending platform. eg: Mobikwik Loans (LendBox), LiquiLoans etc. The one who lends money get higher rate of interest compared to FD or other mode of investment

I thought autosweep for the fd is enabled but not for the saving account.

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Yes Direct loan and investment platforms

Happy birthday abdul sir!!

What to check and verify?