What are Jupiter pots benefit

Tell me Jupiter pots benefit, so that I restart my journey with Jupiter money

Pots are the best way to save your surplus income.
You can create multiple pots for different purposes like vacations, the purchase of a new mobile, or medical emergencies. Normal pots can be destroyed anytime without incurring any additional charges.
Further, you can create ‘Super Pots’ for a fixed period and can earn extra interest.
Also, You can create a Gold pot for the purchase and selling of digital gold.

Please refer to this blog for getting more information on Jupiter POTS.

What are basic sip , i first’ time start with 10

For Gold Pot (Gold SIP) it is 11 Rs.
For Super Pots, the minimum amount to be deposited is 100 and I don’t think there is any minimum amount for Normal pots

For your recommendation @razack
What sip you prefers me ?
I will try and go through
I can maxim deposit 100 rupes for first
Then I will try what I amounts I can afford everyday
So what your preference sip? For me

Hello @Harmeet1995,
I want to clarify that I don’t possess any expertise in the investment area to provide specific recommendations regarding a particular amount, and am a normal Jupiter customer like you. The decision ultimately rests with you. :v:t2:
I suggest you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of Normal pots, Super pots, and Gold pots, and then make a decision based on your personal requirements.

If you haven’t yet created a savings habit in POTS, you can certainly consider trying out Normal pots. They offer more flexibility as there is no minimum requirement, allowing you to deposit any amount whenever you have extra income or wish to set aside funds for future purposes. :+1:t2:

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@Harmeet1995 I think you are confusing Pots and Mutual funds. In some mutual funds you can do a daily SIP of Rs.10. In Pots and Super Pots minimum amount for saving is Rs.100.

In Pots SIP equivalent is called Habits which are used to save up through a separate account (with 3.05% interest per annum) and in Super Pots (SIP equivalent also called Habits) you can save through Flexi recurring deposits (upto 6.8% interest per annum).

I use Pots and Super Pots for saving up for yearly expenses. For example: every January I have a big insurance premium. I can’t pay that with my monthly salary. So I budget and save up for it through Pots monthly.

The advantage of saving through Pots vs saving it in your main bank account is that since Pots balance is separate and I don’t see the money in my main account, I don’t spend the money on unnecessary things.

Extra tip: If you save through Pots you also get good interest on the saved money for bills.

Yes there are better ways to save like equity and P2P. But equity may go down within a year thus losing your principal and P2P is not insured - all savings, fixed deposit, recurring deposits are insured upto 5 lakhs by RBI.


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I have started sip with HDFC small cap fund- Direct Growth option which having me 41.52%p.a.,

I believe there might have been some confusion regarding the POTS feature and the mutual fund SIP feature in the Jupiter app.
But now, things are clear :v:t2:
Since your question pertains to Mutual Fund SIPs, you can definitely consider the recommendations provided by @alexnazy. :+1:t2:

@Harmeet1995 please note that past performance may not be a good indicator of future performance.

Of course the fund could do better. But just understand what you are getting into.

You can learn more from the Jupiter app by going into Invest tab > Learn with Jupiter.


Those are past returns, which are not fixed and do not necessarily indicate future performance of the fund.

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You mean to say I am not good performed in Jupiter sip
Wro I have done sip at least a month
Then I quit sip
As I taken loan
So now loan is clear
I start sip again

Not like that… Just don’t invest in anything by just looking at past performance. Or for that fact don’t even believe big names like HDFC, ICICI, etc.

In mutual funds there are a lot of parameters to consider.

For example, the small cap companies have a cycle, sometimes they don’t perform at all and at times it performs better than big companies.

Please go through this video. You’ll get some good advice. It might be a bit technical. But try to learn this and then you can easily choose any mutual fund.

Also you need patience with mutual funds. It’s the time in the market that will give you profits.

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