Jupiter Secretly has an RD option

Yes, you heard me right, even though Jupiter does not market this fact, but it exists…

It is in the form of Super-Pots…

How to Use Super Pots as an RD ?

Every super-Pot you create has a button called “add money”, Here you can add any amount of money to the pot and continue to earn interest at the same rate for the remaining period. Just like an RD.

For Example : in a Super-Pot for 1 year at 6.75% interest, suppose initial deposit was 10,000. The interest for the same would be 675rs for that year.
However if you deposit another 10,000, 6 months after creation, the additional amount will also accumulate interest at 6.75% for 6 months, hence the total interest would be 675+ 337.5 = 1012.5rs which will be rounded off to nearest rupee and deposited back to your account at maturity date.

This also works with habits, where you can set a monthly amount and use Super-Pot as an RD ! .

This fact changed the way I looked at super pots, I had assumed it was a short term FD. But one day I was curious what happens if I press add money button and actually added money.
Thanks to @Shawnpinto for answering my many queries regarding super pots.

Hopefully this will also change your perspective of Super-Pots.
Have you ever used Super-Pots before ?
Did you know that a Super-Pot was secretly an RD?
Or You thought Super-Pots were short term FD like me ?

I would be interested to know your thoughts on the same.


Very interesting perspective. I too was thinking SuperPots as short term FD. Actually when FD was introduced I was not very sure about the difference but now I get it clearly.

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Whats the difference between FD and Superpot?

To my knowledge, since I have not been able to access FDs in jupiter yet. My answer would be based on the facts that were discussed around.

  1. Higher interest rates in FDs (7.25%) as compared to super pots (6.75%) in best case scenario.
  2. Longer Tenures in FDs as super pots have a maximum duration of 1 year as of now.
  3. Auto Renewal in FDs to keep the FD rolling which is not available in super pots. The pot gets deleted.
  4. Additional Deposits might not be available in FDs, but are a part of super pots (being an RD).

Other than this I do not know much like what will be penalty on early breakage or other facts about it.

Hope it helps.


It will good if introduce recurring deposit scheme in daily,weekly and monthly in Jupiter that will enable depositers to understand about new schemes and saving habits via recurring

Thanks @Abhishek_Ulayil. This post helped me figure out a strategy for my savings using Pots.