Super Pots Maturity Amount Display Error

I’ve been a big fan of Jupiter’s Super Pots lately, but I’ve noticed that the maturity amount is displayed incorrectly.

For example:
I have started a Super Pot for Rs.17500 for a year with a monthly habit for Rs.17500.
The interest rate is 6.8%
The maturity amount shown in Jupiter is Rs.216692

But as per Groww’s RD calculator it should be Rs.217855
As per my spreadsheet calculation, the everyday interest should be Rs.3.26 and the maturity amount should be Rs.217753

That a considerable difference of Rs.1163.

I have attached a picture of the Jupiter Super Pot page and RD calculation from Groww.

It is to be noted that the actual amount of Rs.3.26 is credited correctly everyday. So there is no problem in the actual interest amount added to my Super Pots. The issue is with the Maturity Amount displayed on Jupiter.

@Shawnpinto Can you look into this? I have already sent an email to on 13 Aug 2023.

Mention the ticket I’d also.

Ticket ID 2322154

The team will pick this up @alexnazy

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Hey @alexnazy - This is Samarth here, from Pots and Superpots product team. Thanks for reaching out. The interest earning structure for Superpots (which is a Flexi RD) on Jupiter is slightly different from that shown by Groww’s RD calculator.

Interest earned on each of your deposit transaction is different based on that individual transaction’s saving period. For example, for your 1 year superpot, a monthly habit in the 9th month, will get you an interest for 3 months (4.75%; 3 months is the saving period for that particular txn) where as your first monthly habit txn will earn entire 12 month’s interest and so on (as shown in the image attached). In groww calculator’s case, interest % is 6.8% for all durations.

I hope this clarifies your concern.


Ah yes. That explains it.

This is a logical explanation.

Thank you so much @Samarth_Tiwari. :smiley:

I was breaking my head to figure this out.

@Samarth_Tiwari The logic works… :thumbs_up:

I did a calculation - attached herewith.

Jupiter shows Rs.216692 and I have got Rs.216637. A difference of Rs.55 which is more than my calculation. I can live with that.

Principal Days invested Percentage Interest earned
17500 365 6.80% 1190
17500 335 6.00% 964
17500 305 6.00% 877
17500 274 6.00% 788
17500 244 5.75% 673
17500 213 5.75% 587
17500 182 5.75% 502
17500 153 5.00% 367
17500 122 5.00% 292
17500 92 4.75% 210
17500 61 4.75% 139
17500 31 3.25% 48
Total Interest Earned 216637
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So the interest rate is NOT locked in like a Recurring Deposit.

Hence it is established that Super Pots are not recurring deposits.

So what is the underlying financial instrument? Multiple FDs that are combined together. This is mind boggling.

Also my interest in Super Pots is damped now.

Can you guys consider making Super Pots having ONE RD with a lock in interest rate?

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My bad I messed up some dates in the deposit dates. nvm.

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Hi team.

I’m facing an issue with the super pot actually today I have destroyed my pot and the money is not transferred to the savings account yet and I’m totally tensed wr did my money vanish and. Please let me know how it can be refunded to my account.

Welcome to the community @Nethravathi.v_428

May be that’s some temporary technical issue. The amount may be credited soon.
I suggest to use the chat option on the app for a quicker response. Also, you can mail this issue to to create a support ticket.

Tagging @Samarth_Tiwari

Hi, Nethravathi.

We are here to help you. Kindly check your DM and revert with your contact details so we can assist you further.
Thank you.




Thanks & Regards
Nethravathi Venkatesh

Hi abreen,

Please contact will be available at any time to resolve the issue as it’s critical

Hai Madam,
I suggest you to edit the post and please remove the contact details. Instead, Please share it via DM to Abreen

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Hi Abdul

Please help to complete the KYC process as im unable to do that from the day i started using the application as it’s an error popping up to try after some times.

Please DM all the necessary details to Abreen. I hope the concerned team will assist you in completing the KYC process.