(Completed) Lab test #6 - Introducing Super Pots!

Hey everyone!

We have another lab test for you. This time, it’s the ‘SuperPots’ - “Earn higher interest on your savings” :moneybag:

Edit: Super Pots is now live for all users! :rocket:

Now you can save for all your goals and earn higher interest on your savings as well ! :money_parrot:

This is live on the app for folks who had enrolled for @Jupiterlabs . Feel free to reach out to us if you can’t see the new design on your app yet.

While you test it out, answer these:

  • How did you like the UX?
  • Is the interaction intuitive and smooth?
  • How Is the saving experience for you now
  • Did you notice anything else? Let us know your thoughts!

A lot of you have been waiting for a higher interest Pot and we would love for you guys to test it out !



I created a SUPER POT and selected the add nominee check box but I did not get any prompt to add Nominee details?

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You would have gotten an add button next to it, the moment you checked the box. Did that not come up ?


My feedback:

  1. It would be great if you show the Maturity Amount after entering the amount. I understand the maturity amount may change based on any money added later to the Superpot. But, you can show the maturity amount while creation of the Superpot.

  2. Some random amount is coming up in the Amount field after selecting Time period and proceeding to 2nd page. On what basis are you populating that amount ?
    I have to clear that amount and enter amount again. Instead, you may pre-fill it with minimum amount or have it ZERO or have it empty

  3. I added nominee when creating one Superpot. When I tried to create another Superpot and selected Nominee option, I am being asked to add the phone number and Email id again which I have given during first Superpot creation. You may use the same details given in first superpot in second superpot as well and give an option to edit the details if user wants instead of asking for same details again.

  4. I see “Super” tag on the pot icons for Super pots, but that is not that identifiable as per me. Please at other ways to distinguish or totally different designs for Super pots.


I might have missed it?

But shouldn’t there be a check to verify if the nominee details are added, iff someone selected to add nominee details?

Like “You forgot to add nominee” or something like that. And a final page to show all details before actual deposit.

@Pratyushh We’ll check this. :blob_thanks:

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@hemanthchandra62 @Pratyushh Is it possible to share a recording of these findings? It’ll help a lot!

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You don’t allow screen recording of the app.

Difficult to use others’ mobile and do the recording…

@hemanthchandra62 Ah. Thought you were on iOS for a second.

No worries, we’ll check this.

Hi @hemanthchandra62

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking to make the nominee flow easier and better.

Will look into the other suggestions given by you.

@Ayushi_Sethia @Shawnpinto I take that back.
Forced Dark Mode was the culprit here! It made the checkbox look like it was selected but it was not.

On selection, it did grey out Continue button.

Sorry for the trouble!

P.S.: Please bring Jupiter App in-built dark mode!


Thanks for this update !


I am on iOS. I am seeing the SuperPots option since yesterday.

But since the first try I am not able to create a SuperPot. The screen either goes complete white or complete orange as soon as I click on Create.

@Arjun_Salyan Yup, this needs to be checked too. Thanks for letting us know!

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Not able to see this
Can you add me for the tryout ?

I am not able to identify where the super pot is. Is it the one with a star on the top right hand side?

Same here. Also on iOS

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@cric_freak You can access it via the home page. There’s a pots icon under the account balance.

Once you click on it, scroll down a bit and there will be a section called ‘Start saving on Jupiter’ There will be options for selecting the interest rate as you create your super pot.

Is it visible to you?

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Hey @Akash_Kumar We’ll add you soon :slight_smile:

No it’s not. It just shows create a pot.

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