(Completed) Lab test #6 - Introducing Super Pots!

Nice feature :zap::zap:… Let me ask my father for some money to add :joy:

Can anyone send a ss/Pic of how to access super pots as I can’t see the option although I am a member of jupiter labs.

@cric_freak pots>create a new pot > custom

I have a question… suppose I created a super pot for 6 months & deposited ₹5000 in it. Lets say after 1 month, I again added ₹5000 to same super pot. Now, how interest calculations will be done? Which rate of interest will apply?

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Sadly it doesn’t show up for me like that. It shows the interest earned will be the same as account.

Do you have the updated app version ? Which version are you on ?


Same interest rate will be applied on a pro rata basis - basis the time for which it was locked in


Yep now it is visible. Just have a couple of questions,
1)Can we add monthly amounts in super pots or is it 1 time?
2)How is the interest calculated then?
3)Is there any penalty on premature withdrawal?

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Just want to understand super pots are one time deposit or we can deposit the amount monthly bases or any no of time? Since interest rate is present

  1. You can add money anytime

2.Same interest rate will be applied on a pro rata basis - basis the time for which it was locked in

  1. penalty of 1% p.a on the interest

You can add money anytime


Super pots is a good upgrade :+1:


@Akash1 Which part did you like the most? :grin:
Let us know your thoughts on how we can improve Super pots too!

Super pots are nice upgrade over traditional FDs; with assurity of fixed interest rate & maturity date along with flexibility of adding money over time. Now it feels like a neo-bank.

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Here is the issue related to MAB.
Before I created the Super Pot, I had let’s say 15000 in savings and MAB was around that only.
But as soon as I created the pot worth 10000, MAB is now 5000.

What is it about?


Love the concept of super pots. It’s well detailed and simple to create. Good job at that, squad!

But I shall not rest until I whine and complain enough to force you guys to add in auto rules to realise the full potential of pots. :smile:

Pots aren’t good enough on their own. Manual addition of money is meh at best. We need rules based on spending power, so the round off change auto moves itself to whichever pots we desire. That’s when compounding takes over, and we get that dopamine hit watching the pots grow.


Hey @Rahul.Sharma We’re looking into this right now. Thanks for letting us know!

@Shawnpinto How I can see account number of super pot I have created?

I am again getting a blank orange screen as soon as I click on “Start Saving” button. On iOS.

UPDATE: Resolved automatically today.

We do not show the account number for super pots @jigarmistry24