(Completed) Lab test #6 - Introducing Super Pots!

@Arjun_Salyan Do you happen to remember how you were able to trigger it? :blob_think:

Why not? It would be good for future issues if any with super pot. Its just a number

Still the same issue. My NRV is more than ₹10,000 but just got the email I am not longer Pro.

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Hey @Rahul.Sharma we got this checked.
Let me share the details with you on DM.

Hi, I have found a bug in the emails sent out at maturity of a super pot, there are two emails sent:

  1. “Hey —-name—- You’ve taken money out of your SuperPot.” Here the amount had counted the interest twice.

  2. “Hey —-name—- Your Pot was deleted successfully.” Here the amount was as expected.

Please have a look at them.
Thanks .

Thanks for testing and highlighting it here @Abhishek_Ulayil :mag:
The team is checking this out.

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Love the Super Pots feature.
Here are some things I think could be better.

  1. it would be great if we could select the investment instrument for super pots. for e.g., if I am saving for a short-term purchase and I want a higher ROI of 9%, the super pot won’t help me and I will have to use another app/instrument. But what if the super pot could be linked to an MF, EQ, Gold or P2P lending instrument? it will yield the respective returns. This way I can customise the returns I want and still save in a hassle-free manner from within Jupiter.

  2. The UI is not optimised for smaller-screen phones. I use an iPhone se and after creating a pot, I was not able to add more money to it as the button gets hidden. Even on scrolling it doesn’t appear. attaching video for ref.

  3. The habits feature linked to the pot is amazing! However, how cool will it be if I could have custom rules like every time my salary is deposited invest x% of it in the super pot.

  4. The Pots screen looks cluttered with everything looking the same. The active pots could have a better design and information. Other sections add to the clutter by showing everything all at once. rather have a button to create a new pot and show the information there. The pots dashboard should only show my current pots status and maybe educational sections like getting to know how to add habits.


@Shawnpinto It would be good if we can see the maturity amount of superpots before we deposit the money :blush:


True, I am sure adding this feature will result in an increase in users putting money into support.


Yes, just like in FD’s

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