Super pots saving not counted under NRV?

So I have over 9k in super pots and atleast 5k in the savings account still it is not being counted yet my NRV is decreasing after i transferred money to pots,

So here is the thing on 6th I created the super pots of 9.2 k from my 12k balance on top of that I had deposited 2400 and I only had one transaction of 400 so , i have atleast 14k in my account since 6th October and have had atleast 12k since 22th September, so how can my NRV be 10k today(on 9th updated till 6th October)?

Also the NRV calculator suggest me to deposit 5.5k so I suppose the pots are not counted?

I tried contacting the support but , it was not very helpful, I don’t like this kind of service where core functionality does not work the way is it supposed to be

@Shawnpinto please investigate the issue

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Hey @codelock

The MAB counts your Jupiter account balance and regular pots.
Super pots aren’t counted right now.

Since this feature was launched recently, we’ll be enabling this for super pots soon.

Question. Do you have funds in your regular pots as well? :thinking: