Problem creating basic pots

Firstly, pots is the only feature that has kept me stuck to jupiter. Otherwise the app takes lots of time to start along with the lagging QR reader. Wish the devs had worked on backend instead of ui/ux.

Anyways, is it only me, or others are also facing the issue creating the Basic pot (not super). It seems that the devs want only the super pots to be created.
Firstly, route to create a basic pot, seems like treasure hunting. Once the comparison screen is there (pots vs super pots) and click to create a pot, takes creation of superpots only. There is no basic pot anymore, it seems.
I did complain to the cc but he needed a screenshot and not admitting the problem.

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I have created a basic pot yesterday. But I have not faced any problem.

I used to be like you. But I eventually gave up, and I now manage my savings using a spreadsheet. It doesn’t look as pretty as Pots, but it works better for my needs in some ways.

How? It only shows superpots to me…

Update: I figured it out… click on Save With Pots… then Checkout Pots then one Super Pot would have know more option… click on that and by default it would open a normal pot with 0% interest… and I guess you’d be able to create basic pot like this.

You can talk about it customer care . I think they will guide you why it has not shown in your app

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@Srishti you are a saviour. Today, again checked the community for solution and saw your updated post. Thanks
Now I can make the pots with no lock-ins.

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