Create Simple Pots

Looking for a way to create a simple Pots for the simple things.
Till now all i can do is create Super Pots or Gold Pots. Is there any way I can create a normal pots. i.e. as good as a piggy bank I have a decade ago.


Yes. U can still make a simple pot. Reduce the interest rate of super pots to minimum and you can get your simple pots.

Hope you have seen the create a new pot button.

:zap: Click create a new pot button
:zap:Using the handle to choose interest rate, make it minimum ie. 3.05% (varies)
:zap: You can rename the pot and click continue button

or else

You can scroll down to the pots page and can see a section named start saving on jupiter there you can find pots, super pots, gold pots etc…