How can I create a normal pot?

When I click on create pot it talks about creating super pot. Even when I select the lowest interest rate it still shows up as a super pot. Can we no longer create a normal pot?

  1. Money tab (rocket icon in bottom) then
  2. Networth tab (top tab)
  3. Pots and superpots option
  4. Create a new pot’ button.
  5. Reduce interest rate to minimum

Yeah, like I mentioned, even with minimum interest rate it shows up as a super pot. How can we create a normal one? What’s the difference between the two?

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Super pot has a lock in period with more interest rate
Pots are like your piggy bank, put money and take it out anytime and no lock in. (I don’t think piggy bank is the right term, in pots you can withdraw custom amount too)

If you make the interest rate to 3.05pa (as per Feb 25 2024) you can get a normal pot

How do I make it go below 3.25pa? I’m not able to bring it below 3.25

There is another way, if you open the pots section in money tab and scroll down you will see two options, first one should start the process of creating a new normal pot

If this does not show up then it might be a specific issue with your account, in that case contact jupiter customer support in the app or by mail.


I would recommend against it, since I have money stuck in between like 500 rs was deducted and was not credited to pots and its already been 9 days as of today, support said they can not give me estimate time , and they have escalated the issue to interval team and it is going to take a lot of time for them to resolve it.

There are a lot of bugs in pots as of now.

That’s sad. Pots seems like a great feature which is why I wanted to use Jupiter in the first place. But if they’re going to take so much time to process even basic transactions that’s not a good look.

I basically wanted to build something like a travel fund or doctor’s visit fund. Do you have any recommendations of where or what I should be looking into for the same?

I too started it just for Pots, One alternative can be the recurring deposits from the bank application itself.

Well, hopefully they figure it out with Pots. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look into it!