Cannot access pots after startup, only "savings" pot shows up

If I click on the pots button right after opening the Jupiter app. A page for creating “Savings” pot shows up rather than all my pots.
This doesn’t always happen. It usually happens when Jupiter hasn’t’ t been in the “recent apps”.
Most times, “savings pot creation” page shows up and going back and clicking pots icon again brings out all pots as expected. However, at other times pots can’t be accessed from pots icon for an hour or two, and it’s missing from the “money” tab.

This happens rather randomly. The only way I know how to reproduce is:

  1. Kill the Jupiter app
  2. Log back in and tap the pots icon

I think it’s a device or OS specific thing. I am on android 8.

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Hey @stuffy , You’re right! Many users were unable to see the Pots feature for a while + the transfers to the pots weren’t getting successful. The team looked into this right away.

Can you re-check? Let us know if it’s appearing for you.

It seems to appear if I click on the pots right after I startup, waiting a few seconds fixes it.

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