What happened to the Pots?

Suddenly can’t access the Pots easily like we could. Can’t see the icon on home.

Only way I could navigate to it:

Money > Saved in Pots > View Pots

Is this just an UI/UX bug or are you planning to remove the Pot feature?

That is the #1 reason for me to use Jupiter.


POTS button was replaced by FD as testing. We are figuring out optimal strategy for discovery of features.

POTS is an important feature of the app and will continue to exist.

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“ I would like to mention this is an update to enhance the user experience and provide a smoother Flow for the customers.”

I got this reply from Customer Support as well.

Thanks for the prompt response Jiten. But I am very concerned seeing such testing. I wonder what kind of observations has led to the decision of such tests and how are you evaluating these tests.

I don’t mean to be rude, but this is what I do for my clients, so couldn’t help but wonder.

If I am not wrong, Pots must be one of your USPs. IMO even if you test replacing it with FD button on home screen, either

  • it should be placed somewhere else that’s easy to find (e.g. navigation) OR
  • it could have been the 5th button on homepage that could have been reached by sliding OR
  • an in app message (like your scheduled maintenance ones) mentioning Pots has been moved and how to navigate to it

Not only for me, but for all my friends who use Jupiter, Pots is the feature that we wished existed with our banks for years before we found Jupiter.

If you take away the ease of using it, it loses the charm.

But I understand my friends & I are not your only customers. And you have business goals to optimise for.

I’d love to hear what other Jupiter users are thinking about this.


first of all , no design is permanent. we constantly look for user feedbacks on same. that being said, FD tab is giving us very good outcome and user feedback. Users were not aware about FD feature and due to this visibility awareness has doubled.


It’s great to see conversions on the FDs. I think what the community is wondering if Jupiter is treating Pots and FDs as an either or. Because now what’s happened is long time everyday Pots users are having a tough time accessing them. Is that experience worth the opportunity cost of gaining FDs is what we’re curious about.

Pots have almost gotten buried in the app so much so that I’ve to think twice before wanting to access them. Where I feel the team may have missed out is mapping the journey of a frequent Pots user.

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Yes! Jupiter pot is a unique product, because Jupiter offer deferent account as a pot , not including the main account,( fi included the pot into same account) .

I notice this thing first when I login federal Bank portal, now it’s also showing inside the Jupiter app also.

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I had a suggestion in this regard to have a fourth card for pots/super pots, since there already are three cards for ( account , credit card and loans ) on the homepage.
I am not too sure about the other aspects of implementing it like feasibility or its approach from UI/UX design perspective but I think it might make sense given other UI stacked cards also emphasise on the increasing exposure and easy reach.

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Hey Everyone,

You can now access Pots from the Grow your money section on the homepage. I would also like to share that we have been actively working on a holistic strategy and positioning for Pots and SuperPots. Would request you all to stay tuned for some more time.

Best Regards,


Thank you Jupiter team.