Interest rate issue with pots

I think my Jupiter Port has a problem with the intrest rate. Anyone else face the same issue?? Investment is 20,000 and the intrest received is 65 r.s insted of 650. R.s , as the meturity period is 30 days for 3.25% in super Port @Shawnpinto @Jupiter1

it’s 3.25% per anum (12 months) not per month

30 days lock in after that the pot is destroyed and metured amount is 20065 , deposit of 20,000

yeah…do the math bro that’s the amount you will get. if FDs give 3.25% a month nobody will invest in mutual funds or the stock market.

Then when it will get the balance cash the pot is automatically closed ?? What does that mean a pot lock in program for 30 days , after 30 days pot is automatically closed then how the intrest and balance things work???