Adding different earning interest rate on different pots

On different types of pods, can have different rate of earning interest. In this way, it will excites end user to have a different pods as per need.


This makes sense. We should be able to set timers on pots. The longer, the higher the interest. No penalties should we break the pot earlier tho.


To use the pot at maximum, we should have better interest rate on pot and not be same as saving account interest., I am moving out all the amount from pot since it is not having additional benefit and putting on my auto sweep so i get better return.

Jupiter should also should consider this or provide better interest rate on pots so it is useful

@Shawnpinto any thought on this?

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@Akash1 Higher interest rate would be better since you’ll get higher returns.
Or, how about the same rate but with additional features?

Eg: Auto deposit.

Nope. FI let’s you pick different interest rates depending on the time frame of maturity that you choose.

AND they offer auto deposit with rules aka “keep the change” alongside it. :thinking:

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Okay, no spoilers but there’s gonna be a major upgrade to Pots :stuck_out_tongue:
More info soon :crossed_fingers:t3:


@nateavi fi is good at this…

Have u noticed ‘Jump’ feature by Fi… Get upto 9% interest…

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Yeah, that “limited slots” notification bums me off. But Jump is a pretty decent idea. I need more info about it before I invest tho.

Sounds a bit shaky.

@nateavi yes. all they said was if we withdraw within 3 months, there will be 2% penality on interest :eyes:. Thats all

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I don’t mind losing out on interest for the short term. But I’m curious how their Jump scheme works.

Last I checked they partrned with a lending firm for that. Id love to know more. :smile:

Interesting concept!

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