Better monthly interest rates on pots similar to paytm

Fi offers almost 5% interest on its savings in jars, comparatively your offering is only 2.5% like a savings account, whereas paytm payments bank offers 5.5% on the flexible fd on their platform this made me move my cash from pots to my paytm fd account . It also doesn’t hurt that you get how much ever interest that has been collected for how much ever duration it was there, like in 45 days I broke my fd and got around Rs. 90 as an interest for keeping that amount of cash in the account. Kindly implement this asap, as this is drawing me to fi and other neo banks


You can deposit your money in BharatPe you will get 12% in daily basis.

They might give 12% but I guess it is an NBFC and not bank, please correct me if I am wrong. They have their own rules & regulations and are not as secured as bank FD. I got access to cred mint and it offers 9% interest but after looking at the T&Cs, I am finding it difficult to put my money there :frowning:
I had an FD with Bajaj Finance using ETMoney. I know the interest rates are lucrative but I guess security comes first :slight_smile:

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LendenClub is the Good Money ok.

They are giving 12% in daily basis it’s not good?. They are giving you a card with Credit Line of upto 1Lakh it’s not good? They give 1% CB on every transaction it’s not good? They provide 24/7 withdrawal instantly it’s deposit to the bank account it’s not good?

But still it’s depend on you :slightly_smiling_face: because LendenClub is the P2P NBFC. For more information you can read their TnC they give loan using your money if you feel good then you can go else as your wish.

Jupiter pots is same as saving account. Paytm does fd under indusind bank, hence higher rate. No idea about fi.

Hope jupiter will soon provide fixed deposit too


When did I say something is not good? I just talked about security.
I have axis amazon pay icici card which gives 1% on every transaction and its credit limit is more than a lakh :slight_smile:

It’s good those who not have any credit cards because banks don’t issue to Credit card to all people.

Btw Sorry if you feel bad

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No issues brother :slight_smile:
P.S - Your last to last picture was great :smiley:

Fi offers the same interest offered by Federal Bank on FD.


The interest offered by 12% club is simple interest and not compound.

So, I recommend to withdraw the interest amount daily. Although I haven’t used that service but I read the terms and conditions.

Having pot doesn’t make any sense. Since it is just offering 2.5% when all normal banks gives a higher rate rate of interest and there are sweeping accounts and FD 5% atleast (access your cash anytime)


Is this connected to Jupiter??!!

Bharatpe is separate company

Me got into neo banking…jus couple of days…hence wasn’t aware…hehe


Even the fi money is also providing flexible fd with better interest rate