Survey on Fixed Deposits

Hey everyone!

We’re conducting a survey for launching Fixed deposits on Jupiter. For now, we are providing data for 3 fixed deposit options offered by different players and we would like to know your preferred option if these were available for investment.

If you use any other fixed deposits apart from the ones mentioned, do suggest them in the comments below!
Link to the survey - Fixed Deposits

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Hi @Barun , I did submit the survey. Just a query what about flexible FD?

Like where there is no locking but and we can any time withdraw. We can have different interest slabs as per the time money stays in FD.

Auto sweep in and out is my preferred option for choosing an FD.

We can also attach FD to pots in Jupiter. Because there can be a long-term goal or emergency funds where a user wants no risk with better returns.


Submitted the survey , just want to add, if possible try to include small finance banks fd (they gives higher rates and have RBI insurance (upto 5L).

Also fd which have partial redemption feature is great . Like if i have 10L in deposite for say 30 month tenure, there should be option to withdraw partially (say 3L ) out of 10 lakh anytime.


I agree with @CHETAN_KUMAR_RAWAT… Flexible FD is more attractive


Thanks Chetan for your valuable feedback. We’ll look into flexible FDs.


Thanks Avneesh for the valuable feedback. We’ll look into flexible FDs as an option.


Thanks Aswin for your feedback. We’ll look into flexible FDs.


Flexible fixed deposit (Withdraw anytime)
with minimum starting amount (₹100-₹200)
and monthly interest rates like fi money and paytm payments bank.

Check my attachments. That’s my opinion.

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Thanks Pranav for the detailed feedback on offerings on other platforms. We are evaluating flexible period FDs as part of the product offering.