Regarding FD interest credit frequency

Could interest credit frequency be added in the app while making FDs on the app? Like monthly, quarterly, yearly and credit at maturity?


Is it like how Mobikwik Xtra provides everyday interest?

Not exactly, but we get the option to select the frequency. Similar to options in the form in case you go and fill an FD form in the bank, they have such options.


@Shawnpinto @razack @yagnesh01 Could this be implemented in the near future? Are there any plans to provide such an option? The interest payout option while booking an FD on Jupiter.

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@Shawnpinto can get this passed along the relevant team.


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Hi @Siddharth_B_R,

Thanks for the suggestion - just curious, do you want the interest payout in order to meet some expenses or any other reason? This is something that we had considered while building the FD product on Jupiter, but decided to go ahead with interest payment on maturity as the only option. The reason for this was that our user research at the time indicated that our young users prefer to compound their interest, rather than receive a periodic payout.
We’ll revisit this in our future improvements!


Just thought it would be great if we had such an option. In case people wanted to access interest payout, they would be able to do so. I usually prefer interest payment on maturity.

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