Upcoming EMI feature! Need your thoughts

Hi guys,

We are working on a couple of EMI products and want to hear from you on how you spend and your experience of using EMIs :money_mouth_face:

The first EMI feature allows a user to convert merchant spends into EMIs (3 to 12 months) within 30 days of the transaction :moneybag:

Here’s a 2 min survey that would really really help us to make sure that we launch the best EMI product in the market!

Link to form - Using EMIs

Comment below!


Does not look right. Did you mean to enforce one entry per column?


Thanks for pointing it out! Corrected it now.


Love the idea! But how’s it going to work without a credit card / product? :thinking:

Maybe we can let users do a special FD with a two year term-ish and give them a credit line starting 2X of that, and dial it up the more they pay the bills?

Or maybe keep it as a super special pot, and the more cash I add in, the higher the credit line gets for EMI….


Many of the customers didn’t have any credit history because of no any loan obtained. So just enable smaller ticket loan with shorter tenure. Which helps to create the credit history and ensure the customers to avail the emi feature.


bring it on :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


bring it it will be great more users will increase

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provide us a secured credit card so we can improve our credit score


Thanks for the ideas! The FD and special Pots are interesting ideas and we have evaluated it before. As we launch our lending products, we will definitely launch an “asset-backed” loan product :slight_smile:


Hi Mohan,

That’s exactly what we are planning to do. Along with users with credit history, we will also start opening the product to users without credit history and slowly help them build their credit scores and grow alongside Jupiter



MaH Queen!!! Bring it lol.

game of throne

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This is interesting.
Few questions though…
Will this be reported to CIBIL?
If yes then will that personal loan or consumer loan.
Personal Loan is big No-No(for me)

It would be even better if you guys could bring a ‘OneCard inside Jupiter’


Hi Zed - yes all loans have to be reported to CIBIL so this will be too. Regarding loan categorisation, it is under compliance review. But would you mind sharing your thoughts on why consumer loan is preferred over personal loan?

And yes, a credit card is in the works too :slight_smile:


Hey Tanvi, the personal loan was actually a personal experience. NBFC’s have created multiple personal loans of tiny amounts on my reports that it has gone down from 860+ to 730(last checked). And they don’t even bother to mark these account ‘closed’.
I’m still in conversation with Lazypay and Slice to mark these closed for almost 6 months.

Accounts were deactivated in 2021 around March.

Is it a secured card? I really want a secured card. And who will be your partner bank?

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when will it avail in the app

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Hi Abin, we are aiming to launch this by December. Tell us what makes you excited about the feature!

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Hi, this facility is on existing and new debit cards that are issued by Federal Bank and Jupiter is the co-branding partner.