Cibil score check

Add cibil score check for free it’s needed for everyone

@Sagar_adsule Wouldn’t it be better to implement this after Jupiter starts an offering in the lending space? For example, a credit card? :thinking:


Ahhhh that a post credit spoiler about an upcoming credit line?! :nerd_face:


Can’t say! For now :stuck_out_tongue: @nateavi

I’ve been quite vexed with choosing between a one card and an IDFC wow secured card for my wife.

If Jupiter can launch a competitor in the secured card space, that’d be perfect for me.

You can definitely go for the OneCard
Because it gives lot of offer and rewards every month

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Ahh… if I may ask, would I be able to add multiple FDs so I can increase the credit availability overtime?

Is it easy to create n maintain updates through their app?

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You can create additional FDs too as you go along and when your cumulative (total) FDs amount to 50k or more, you will get your metal card!

All things you can manage in the app.

“Sounds Good” then Use my exclusive code SATYAJ137 when you join. Cheers! *T&C Apply. Join Now-

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So I pulled the trigger and went with IDFC Wow secured card. Application was smooth. EKYC was easy- but they never mention it that the agents are only available during the day.

Now here’s what bugs me about the entire process:

IDFC First bank never bothered to send me an email or a text to either welcome me, or explain the onboarding process. Not even a receipt of the FD (I did get an email from razorpay about it, but that doesn’t count).

If I had closed the eKYC tab, I’d probably never have found it again and been able to complete the process. For context, Amex sends you an email with the eKYC link in case you need to try it again.

It’s been 24 hours past the eKYC process. Haven’t received an approval alert, or a package tracker text or email.

The apathy is appalling.

This is the main problem of IDFC Bank. Their onboarding process is so bad that’s the reason i also face this issue with my Saving Account.

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Maaaannnn wish I had known it earlier lol.

Update: so I finally start getting emails From IDFC First bank about my FD and secured card AFTER three days past my eKYC.

Snails pace, people! This is why I’m happy with Jupiter n Fi.

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You should have gone with One Card. Having used both of them I can say with surety It’s better in every aspect.
You can do a total of 10 FDs to an amount of 1L which is not possible in case of IDFC.
You get 1% cashback for all transactions including rent payment. Their customer service is superb.
In future if you want a truly nice experience give it a shot

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I do have my regrets. IDFC doesn’t let you add multiple FDs to Wow card…. Yet. Their customer service did mention they are still working on extending it though, and need time since it’s a brand new product.

But the sole consolation is that the card is Uber premium- visa infinite.

Now I get to stick it to the merchants who won’t accept my Amex even if they can.

“3% nai dena? Fine. Tu 4% dega….”

That’s nice.
I think if they start giving option of Multipl FD’s that would be a game changer.
Btw how did you get that card? I think they give only the basic version, Isn’t it? Is there anything related to amount of the FD?

I googled “IDFC wow Card”. Led me straight to their page.

Filled up the form. Paid the FD.
(Make sure you screenshot the application number because if you don’t, you won’t get it no more- and that’s a pain)

Phir there was a link to do the eKYC.

Past that, nothing much. Took them over 48 hours to start sending me email n text confirmations (alarmingly slow if you’d ask me).

They do let you choose the FD amount. The minimum is 2K. And they recommended I do 10k. I went a tad higher than that. They gave me a 12% interest rate tho. Which is quite high.

For comparison’s sake my Amex Platinum reserve and Smartearn cards are clocked at 3% interest.

let me clear one thing for you. you can’t withdraw your money within 6 months. if you want you have pay 590 for plastic card and 3000+GST for Metal card.

But yeah onecard is still a good choice.

Ahh, I don’t really care much about my FD for the card. Twas chump change for me. I’d rather they let me add in more FDs so I can increase the credit limit.

100% credit avail limit on the FD is cool tho.

Is the card only for existing IDFC customer? Or is it available for others as well?

I never banked with IDFC, until now. They sent the FD to an account number (not savings related), and then approved the card.

I still got no intentions of opening a savings account with them. They don’t have a zero balance plan.