Suggest me a credit card

Suggest me a good credit card which meets below conditions:

  • CIBIL score 729
  • Age 20
  • Student with no income
  • Credit card with no annual fees (better if there is no joining fee also)
  • Physical card
  • Good service
  • Popular one

No bank in india gives credit card to student you have to show yourself as salaried or self employed (unsecured).

IDFC First bank can offer you a credit card if you apply for it and will suggest to open a account with them or HDFC.

Will also suggest to get a FD Card first to build your credit score and make credit history better & strong!

These are the best banks in the name of pre-approved cards! and if you can’t maintain 10K Balance so open Kotak 811 zero balance account they are also best in offering pre-approved cards!.. That’s it…


Start with secure credit cards as me. You will strat to get many card offers when you will be 21.


Kotak 811 is giving dream diffrent credit card against FD of Rs 5,750/- for account holders with 90% credit limit. For non-account holders starting FD is Rs 10,000/-.

If you know about top secured credit cards in india with 0 issuance and annual fees with low value FDs then also tell us. I am going to order another card after onecard.


How about one card, what’s ur experience?

User experience is seamless. We can start with FD as low as Rs 2,000/-. It promises 110% credit limit but when I try to pay more than 90% of credit limit it shows an promt “High credit limit utilisation will harm your credit score”

So technically 90% limit is provided. We can extend limit by creating another FD.
You can redeem premature FD contacting them via mail.

Offers is also not so bad. On Flipkart, Amazon, bigbasket etc etc. You will also get 2% coins on spending unlocking 5x on spending on 3 categories (such as fuel, electronics (e-gift cards), bills)
You can redeem coins in credit card bill.
10 coins is equals to 1 Rs (means 10% money in exchange of coins).
In easy words you will get 1% on every spend (3 categorirs necessary for this)
You need minimum 500 coins to redeem them.
Fractional points, lifetime validity of points and Rs 0/- redemption charges applicable on redemption of points/coins.

Pay your CC bill cred app and earn cashback as well. ( Just remember if you are paying via cred (referral link) then pay 3-4 days before due date)

Interest rate is 6.4% on FD. EMI Facility is available for order more than Rs 2,500/-
For more explore their site.

My overall experience is nice with one card.
I earn interest, I have emi facility, I built my credit score (take 1 month to show in credit bureau after 1st bill payment), I started with Rs 2,000/- FD and now have Rs 6000 FD and going to expand Rs 10,000 in future (may be I will order another secure credit card).

I hope Jupiter will also introduce same against Super POTs

If you are going to strat with Onecard by any chance here is my referral link. It gives me 2500 points :wink:.
Hope I helped you :+1::v:.


There is IDFC Wow Card! With the FD Of just ₹2,000. LTF


I am going to close my OneCard its a useless card you can’t break your FD if you’re in emergency they will charges ₹590 as a charge and rest amount will be transferred. My 6 month will be completed on 15 Dec!


I dont think he can use CRED app. Cred need credit score of 750 (no sure which agency)…

I am using onecard. I would would get paisabazaar instead of Onecard if the interest is only improving credit score. Because once you take a secured card with onecard, getting unsecured one of onecard is impossible. Only way to increase limit is to increase FD amount. ( Paisabazaar stepup card has no offers though):smiling_face_with_tear:

Onecard is really a good card since it is LTF and the app is :zap: and I like it.



I was thinking of taking IDFC wow card but this condition forced me not to take it

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Is it still 2000? When i googled its showing 5000

What is minimum time period for fd?

Isn’t paizabazar card rupay? Hows ur experience with one card? What is the benefits?

@Hasil Yes paisabazaar card is rupay. I am not much of a purchasing person so I use onecard just to improve my credit score. I will make purchases less than 30% of my limit and pay it after bill generation.

I did an FD of 2000 rs only. I like the UI of onecard very much but customer care is ultra bad, Hidden charges are not there… Compared to Paisabazaar , you will get more offers in onecard.

Once Secured cc of onecard is taken , you cannot get unsecured one until now. so you are stuck with the FD amount.


@Hasil & @Aswin_Benny maybe TnC has been changed now I already have IDFC First bank pre-approved card. This wow card is very good card and IDFC Credit reporting to bureau is very good they are always ready to remove inquiry from credit report and correct the mistake!..

Here is one new company which is offering secured credit card with ₹2000 FD called Magnet!. SBM bank is stupid bank in reporting to credit bureau please try to prefer indian bank.



I can’t find bank named Magnet, could u please give me the link?

What is the minimum time period for fd? When i can withdraw without charges?

I start using cred with credit score 724.

I only go for offferrs haha instead credit score only.

You said it right One card is Ok only if you not going to break FD. As @CarolinMerces says they charge Rs 0.5K for breaking premature FD

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IDFC Wow Vs Kotak 811 dream diffrent Vs other paisabazar (if starting as low as Rs 2000- 5000) suggest me pllss

What are benifits of paisabazar card? With which bank it tied up? If its rupay HDFC, union rupay card then can we link it with UPI?

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