Good credit cards for students

Tell me some good credit cards for students? With no income statement requirements and decent rewards.


Hai @I_M , Suggest you to refer this thread for more information :+1:t2:

Can check this too :+1:t2:

It is difficult to get cards like that.

  • Create a credit history by using a FD backed CC (secured card) like onecard lite, IDFC wow, paisabazaar stepup or paylater etc…
  • Create an account in HDFC or kotak (I have seen those guys giving preapproved CC to students, not a surety)
  • Once you get a credit card. After 6 months(depends on bank), if you have enough limit, you can do C2C (Card to card) to get another card.
  • Giving you CC depends on the bank or the partner, it has. So use those apps, you might get it eg. Flipkart axis, Airtel axis, Amazon pay ICICI

Banks looks at lot of things before giving you credit card, even if you have a good credit score or salary if your location is not in the allowed list, you will be rejected.

Your chance of approval will be high if you apply at the end of financial year (I think so, they have quotas to fullfill).

I hope someone else can give better answer to it.


Just Use a Secured CC, because no bank will give you a unsecured credit card as per my experience as a student who is trying to get CC for past Year


Which secured cc have best rewards right now, mainly for online shopping, mobile and broadband recharge?

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Try HDFC if u have their account they will give u they gave me a unsecured card that way


Which 1, I think they have multiple cards and I don’t have HDFC account

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They gave me the Indian oil rupay


Ltf? @Priyansh_Gaur

Yes it was ltf only condition was to spend 30k in 90 days if I remember correctly but it’s something that anyone can do it and now it’s completely ltf