Suggest me a credit card

Yes . I agree SBM is really bad at reporting to credit bureaus


nowadays they are asking for 750+ scores.

I couldnt find any direct benefits with paisabazaar. Just a LTF secured card for improving credit score. I think its partner is also SBM Magnet is also powered by SBM :grimacing: . There are less options these days

Yeah that’s why I mentioned about SBM!..

My friend is youtuber so he has icici bank secured card and he tried to apply Amazon pay card it got approved for entering the existing old card number both card has separate limit. I know few of you joined the TechFino community YOU GET LOTS OF INFORMATION REGARDING CC! (No Promo)


Open Kotak 811 account they are offering me the pre-approved offers.

Max times account is zero but sometimes I deposit some money to make it active.

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Man those texts reek of desperation. Whatever happened to Kotak

I need more clarity about how one increases their credit limit with secured cards.

Do we keep opening new FDs via their bank app? @Aswin_Benny @CarolinMerces

How smooth is that process?

OneCard allows users to increase limit by increasing the FD I did instantly it was increased!

The point is that once you took secured onecard they will not gonna offer unsecured metal card. and that SBM is worst bank.

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Is the secured plastic? Plus that doesn’t make sense. If you are a frequent repayer on a secured card, they should offer unsecured after a while.

That sucks.

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Yes they will provide metal card if you make the fd of β‚Ή50,000.

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Hey @CarolinMerces do secured cards provide chargebacks?

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I have not tried yet.

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Are there any secured cards who do provide metal? Say not as much as 50k for an FD.

That sounds pretty expensive just to score a metal card.

No not yet. Its WIP

Its easy to increase limits of secured credit card by creating new FD amount. We will get metal card on FD greater than equals to 50,000/-

I my knowledge there is no metal card other tham this

Create a FD of 10k , in icici bank . You will get ICICI platinum visa debit card with 9k limit, same i do now i closed my credit card and fd also , now my cibil score 810 and eq 850 :new_moon_with_face: and i also have Amazon pay icici credit card


I am going to take a credit card against fd. I was also thinking Instant platinum card is best but for this we should have an account with ICICI. Isn’t it? I am unable to open fd online.
Please share how you apply for that.

Open zero balance icici insta mine account, useing video kyc from your home.

But the account have some changes 150 debit card change annually and 15 sms charge quarterly.

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This mine account services is closed (may be permanently or temporarily)