Buy now paylater

Buy now paylater.

This is hot topic now days. Everyone want this option.
Please add inbuilt to purchase any item on emi.
Now buy now paylater market cap is approx 22 Billion.

In coming days it’s growing very fast.


Jupiter already had a buy now pay later platform for that called jupiter edge(bullet) in the past,but due to recent change in RBI guidelines it stopped working.Edge had shut down it’s operation.
Unfortunately,buy now pay later service is not available in jupiter app.If you want to buy things on emi,wait for few more days as jupiter has launched it’s credit card and it will be rolled out to all the users which you can use.All the details of the card will be revealed soon.


But credit card approve only for selected mambers and only that have good CIBIL score.

But as a student (engineering or madical) we don’t have proper income sources. We earn via YouTube, crypto and little more etc.
So how can you give us credit card without CIBIL or regular income.

Because mostly students is using your application.

So I request you please add a option for students loan. Like as stucred app.

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Jupiter is already working on the feature to convert student saving account into salary by receiving Rs25k+ more every month.Stay tuned till then!!!


@Monusaini Welcome to the community :v:t2:
As @jhaa00289 pointed out, Jupiter already had a BNPL product/app named Jupiter Edge (former name of the app was Bullet) and unfortunately due to some changes in RBI guidelines regarding BNPL, it was forced to stop its operations.

Jupiter recently introduced a credit card with the same brand name ‘Edge’ and I too have doubts regarding its approval for students or for those with Low or Nil Cibil score.

Jupiter is also planning to introduce Secured Credit Cards for those without CIBIL score. Meanwhile you can try other Secured credit cards like IDFC’s WOW card, Paisabazaar’s Step Up card etc to increase/boost your CIBIL score.

Again, as said by Ranjan, Jupiter is planning to provide Salary account benefits for all those who can transfer 25000 monthly, whereby I hope you can get the option for loans too, if you become eligible.

Furthermore, I can see a feature called “EMI Spends Conversion” on Jupiter’s Roadmap.