What do you think about credit score building?

Hey everyone!

I’m Lakhan Suchdev, I’ve recently joined the Jupiter team to help you manage your finances better. Glad to be part of this amazing community :rocket:

We are thinking of ways to help people who are new to credit (without any credit score) in their credit score building journey.

If you are new to credit (taken no loans or credit card till now), we would love to interact with you & get your feedback. Select yes if you would be interested in it.

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You can also share any relevant stuff in the comments below.


I do have a credit score, but would love to build it up from the wreck it is currently. :smile:


Yes. I am a student who have taken no loans. Such a feature would be helpful for me. I dont have to rely on multiple fd based cards anymore :zap:.


Hey @nateavi , we can totally understand. The good part is it can always be improved :slight_smile:

Would you like to tell us the reason of your score being low?

Bad choices early on in my life. I got a couple of cards and maxed them out. Took me a couple of years and a lot of headache to clear them out.

Getting swamped by late fees that end up twice the credit limit on the card n then getting multiple calls a day isn’t a fun experience.


Hey @Aswin_Benny no loans, that’s great! Are you planning to take a loan in future? Also, what all cards / schemes you rely on to build your credit score?

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@nateavi Ohh, late payments can bite for real. Now, that you are out of it, are you taking any action to improve your credit score?

@Lakhan_Suchdev i am not much of a loan taking guy. I like saving money, making an emergency fund and all such fancy stuff.

But life is difficult, i would have to take loan someday. So CIBIL would be helpful. Now nobody gives me a credit card than fd based one by onecard.

So i cannot enjoy offers in my online selling platforms.


As a student I would love to build a good credit score as it will be helpful in the future. A safe system to help build good credit score will be very much appreciated by all


Would be perfect for beginners :party_parrot:
Heavy +1 for this.

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