Tie-up with multiple banks for fixed deposits / recurring deposits

Is there a chance that Jupiter can consider tie-ups with multiple banks for fixed deposits.

So this idea is coming from Paytm Payments Bank. Previously they used to have an option to choose FDs from either Suryoday Bank or IndusInd Bank. Suryoday used to give better interest rates than IndusInd.

I am not sure how feasible it is as Federal Bank may get possessive. :wink:

I am just suggesting this as other banks give better interest rates Eg. IDFC gives 7.5% for a one year FD while Federal gives 7.3% for a 18 month FD.

This could also be extended for RDs. Super Pots could also give better returns.


On second thought I think this is what stable money does. :thinking:


On third thought I would still like Jupiter to implement this because Pots is such a great feature. But it is limited by the returns it gives.

I am not complaining though. I still like Pots in it’s current form.

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Just use the stable money.

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