Recurring Deposit account in Jupiter

There should be an option to open Recurring Deposit account in Jupiter. I have searched so far and found only fixed deposit scheme only. It would be a great if it is featured in Jupiter

Use Super Pots as an RD,
Using habits set up a day in a month or week to deposit any specified amount. Or you can add money to it manually as well.
Max tenure is of 1 year.


Please use pots . It is as good as RD. You can start and set frequency as per your choice. And can redeem it anytime so liquidity is also maintained


Pots gives returns max 4%PA which is quite low compared to RD returns which is near to 7%PA. This is why I prefer RD over pots & recommended to introduce in Jupiter account. For 3-4% I don’t even need to add in pots, in savings account it is automatically adds up interest quarterly. so pots are not so effective instruments compared to RD.

Super pots give returns upto 6.8%(1year) it is as good as RD.

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I was talking to Jupiter customer care and they said that the Super Pots are basically Recurring Deposits. @Shawnpinto @All please correct if this is wrong.

Also I noticed while the major banks give RD for 6 months, 9 months or 1 year, Super Pots gives you better returns for even a month (3.25% vs 3.05% on the savings account).

And another benefit I like in Super Pots is that you can label the SuperPot unlike a RD. Helps me make a note of why I am saving in the SuperPot.


For more info on super pots refer to this post : Jupiter Secretly has an RD option


Also to add to this the interest rates are actually a bit more. The calculations in the above post are simplified simple interest calculations.
But when the actual interest is calculated there is also a component of quarterly compounding.


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