Difference between Superpot vs Fixed Deposit 🤘

Superpot :funeral_urn:( roll outed)

Minimum amount: 100
Minimum tenure: 30 days
Maximum return: 6.8% pa
Instant withdrawal: Yes
You can Top-up and habits (auto top up)
Premature penalty= 1% from interest

This amount includes calculate NRV

Under Jupiter t&c

Fixed deposit :money_with_wings: ( Beta testing)

Minimum amount: 1000
Minimum tenure: 6 months 1 day
Maximum return: 7.25% pa
Instant withdrawal: Yes
You can’t Top-up and habits (auto top up)
Premature penalty= 1% from interest

This amount not includes calculate NRV

Under federal bank 's t &c

Please comment, something wrong or missing


For short-term savings goals, it may be beneficial to consider putting money in a ‘Superpot.’ However, for long-term savings goals, it may be wise to consider investing in ‘FD’ which typically offers slightly higher interest rates.


Summoning our Super Pot expert @Abhishek_Ulayil to share if anything’s missing.

The only things I can observe which are missing here is

  1. FD has auto renewal, whereas Super pots are automatically deleted after the saving period.
  2. FD has a cool growth indicator which shows your interest growing day by day. Super pots currently lack this.

There is an interesting use of Super pots that I am currently trying out :

“what if you create a new super pot every month for 1 year with a fixed amount lets say 2000rs per month”

after the 12 months of creating super pots each of the superpot will start maturing every month at this point of time you have the option to create a new pot whose rewards you can reap new year or use it for current financial needs.
This way you will receive a part of your money with interest at 6.8% every month. if you increase the monthly amount significantly you can harvest the interest amount for splurging or a small treat.

This is not an investment scheme but an attempt to recycle the amount which would end up in your savings account earning 3.05% interest.


Thanks! @Abhishek_Ulayil :hyper_wave: