Issue in Super pots

consider, I have a some of money 10rs in my pots ,
But when I check balance in federal account associated to pots has balance 8rs
Difference 2rs i have saved in super pot - emergency fund with 365 days lock,
I checked in FD of federal account also nothing is there …

Who is handling the money deposited in super pots ?

I raised ticket did not get satisfactory answer they told to go and check in bank , bank statement does not have any statement of money transfer to super pot ones…

Hai @Manoj_S Welcome to the community.
Since the query is not clear, I suggest you to attach the screenshots or images taken from another device (if on Android)
It would help in understanding your issue better

Also, pleas share the ticket id

Money added to super pots with higher interest rate is deposited in a flexible Recurring deposit with federal bank.


Ok thanks for that info , does I can verify that info in federal app ?
It would be helpful if this detail is give some where, may be while creating pot

I have not used the federal bank app before but it should be there somewhere in deposits section. I am not sure about it.

It is not available in fedmobile app, you can only check it from their internet banking.

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Hey @Abhishek_Ulayil please help me understand the difference between flexi recurring deposit and normal fixed deposit.

Do flexi recurring deposits give lower returns?

Flexi RD doesn’t have a monthly commitment to deposit some money, but at the same time interest rates are pro rata(interest and interest rate for each deposit will vary based on the time). That is why it has lower interest overall. But I find that to be better than adding money to normal pots if I am saving up for a goal. But again Its not the same as a normal RD.


Thanks for that explanation @Abhishek_Ulayil

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