Recieved inactive account message from federal Bank for pots account

I have received this message from federal Bank i checked in app and found out it is pots account number what should I do now ?


How do I know what is my pots account number. And may be you could try adding 1 rupee in any of the pot.

Have you saved or kept any money in pots or super pots ?
If not then it could be that there has been no activity.
I would suggest to create a pot or two and add a few hundred rupees. Because you will receive interest on it every 3 months so you wouldn’t get this message again.

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Its visible in settings > account details

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This should work.
@Aniket_Nangare Try this out ^

At what time daily habit money is deducted

Hey @Aniket_Nangare ,

This topic might answer your question - At what time does habit triggers

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