Pot deleted but amount not credited in account

So I had 1 pot with 5000 and decided to break it, after it was destroyed, no money was credited in my account, I got email that pot was deleted with a transaction id in it , pot is also not visible now in pots section so basically my 5000 are just gone ,

Please help me I am in urgent need of that money, i tried raising a support request but they said it would take 5+ days which is unacceptable , how can money disappear from my account like that? Reference ticket I’d 2560122


Hello @codelock
I believe it won’t require more than 5 days to resolve. The customer service representatives are likely stating this as part of the standard procedure.
Your funds may be credited either today or tomorrow. I suggest periodically refreshing your account balance for updates. :+1:t2:

Tagging @Samarth_Tiwari , who is in the charge of POTS :v:t2:

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