Worst Support Service Ever | DO NOT USE POTS [RESOLVED]

I had a Pot named “EMI” of tenure 30 days. Everything was fine but on 18th February I added ₹500 to it. The amount gets deducted but it was not updated in the pots. Generally, it takes 24 hrs to update the pots balance, so i thought it will get updated. Now, After 4 days I saw that the balance was not updated yet. So, I added ₹500 more on 22nd February to check if that might update it. Now, Here’s the issue, the amount that I have added on 22nd gets updated but the amount on 18th February is still missing. I contacted the support via app and they said that they will resolve the query and balance will be credited by 27th February. Now, on 27th February they closed the ticket and marked it as resolved but the amount was not credited. I had provided them with statements screenshot in that ticket number and now that resolved query itself is missing from the application help section. So, I mailed them stating the whole issue and with pictures of the issue. At this point the balance is updated in cashflow section but not in pots section. After a very long discussion over call, they said they will escalate the problem but can not tell me when the issue will be resolved and they will keep it window open but on the application they mentioned that they will contact me with a follow up in 3 working days but they are yet to contact me which I think they won’t cause their customer support said that he can’t tell me when the issue will be resolved.

The amount should be ₹3200 instead of ₹2700

Ticket Number : 3056459

Explanation of Screenshots:
the first screenshot shows the correct amount of ₹3200 that is shown when you click “View Pots” in “Saved” section but the moment you click the pot to break it. It will show ₹2700 . The money is still missing and Support is not helping at all.

Moral of the Story: Do not invest in pots no matter how good you think the concept. It might happen to you too with much more amount.

FYI: The issue is now resolved.
12 days to resolve it. 18 Feb 2024 - 2 March 2024

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Sad to see many people’s funds being disappeared on Jupiter. Management needs to address this why such glitches are happening very frequently.

You will never loose your money in this app due to any tech glitch. I will get this checked what happened in this case @Nikhil_Godbole @Archana_PN

Hello Deveshu,

We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. Please be assured that your concern is receiving our full attention and is not being ignored. We are also connecting with you via DM.

We kindly ask for your patience during this interim. Thank you for your understanding.

True, disappearing funds will get back but the real issue is that, how streamline the process is to get back that money. I was getting no updates about it and to make matters worst support said they can’t give me the deadline when the money will be credited.
Thankfully, After posting it here, it’s resolved.

Considering Pots feature they are meant to be a flexible funds so that anyone can withdraw whenever they need.

Yes, whatever it is customers get panicked when they don’t see their funds visible in the accounts and also erodes the confidence of the customers.

Any reason given by them why such issue happened?

Also, I request the team when such a query is raised on the forum, if the team provides an explanation for the issue raised, it would restore the faith and confidence in Jupiter @Jiten

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