Money stuck at processing in Pots

I added some fund at Super Pots and it still shows processing. What can I do to fix this?

Welcome to the community @Wongyal_Dorjee

The best thing you can do is to wait for some time. It will be successfully credited to Pots soon. If it fails someway, you will get the refund.

You can also use the chat option on the app for a quicker help and can also mail the issue to to create a ticket.

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Yup I did that! Thanks for the information. I have OCD so I get obsessed over just about anything and this is driving me nuts!

Is that transaction still under ‘pending’ status?

Hi @Wongyal_Dorjee :hyper_wave:
Let us know if it’s been resolved. If not, I’d suggest following up with the in app chat support for latest updates for your concern.

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The issue is resolved but there is a permanent pot that for some reason I am not being able to delete add or make any change to. Which is annoying. The app is great and I think it’s a start up to have so many issues. But, it is getting tiring now.