Not able to create pots and shown pots account is blocked

Trying to create a pot and receiving the following error.
Savings account is working fine but not pots account.
Can’t even see the pots account in the federal net banking like before.
Customer care is helpless so creating the ticket here.

@Shawnpinto @Nikhil_Godbole

@specter We are facing some intermittent downtime for last 40 min from the Bank’s end on UPI deposits. It should get sorted in sometime as per the update.

@specter Can you try once again.

Tried and failed. Description shows account is blocked or frozen.
UPI for savings is working fine.

@specter I’ve asked the team to get this checked.

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Received the call from the team and they are on it.

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I was promised a revert back by 22nd december but haven’t heard from the team till now. Request you to please fasten the process. @Nikhil_Godbole


We hear your concern. We regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to have this addressed further.

Finally, a resolution is provided by the team after the secondary POTS account was closed.
Took some time for the team what actually went wrong but the executive who handled the issue is knowledgeable. Happy to see the response from the team. Giving the credit where it is due. @Shawnpinto @Jiten . Hope jupiter team deals all issues the same way. All the best!!

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