Here’s a short of the most beautiful screens I’ve seen in 2022 that make me stop and ponder upon the complexities of the universe; and how insignificant I’m in the grand scheme of things.

Puns aside, when you do get it fixed the chai n samosa are on me, @Shawnpinto :smile:


Uh oh :sweat_smile:
@nateavi Is it still processing? This happens to me at times too. I just refresh the app by swiping down on the home screen and it gets updated!

I did try that. Usually works, but it didn’t last night.

Fetching balance in both pots and the main savings are annoying. It’s as if it needs to be manually refreshed. Hopping in and out of the app to get it done is a tad archaic.

Please look into this and give us a fix.


This is new. It appears Federal Bank servers go down like clock work between midnight and 4:30 PM.

Any attempts I try, be it savings or pots get stuck in processing hell. Today’s the third night in a row.

Here’s the screengrab for reference @Shawnpinto

Hey @nateavi How about now? Is this happening even on the latest build?

Yesterday’s transaction at 3:12 AM went through. That was a surprise. Will check again tonight.

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