Federal Bank UPI down?

Just tried paying somebody via upi and payment went on “processing”…

Is it just me or is it happening to everyone :thinking:.

@Shawnpinto what about the stats page that shows outages and things


This has been happening regularly. At least 2-3 times per day. The app says don’t worry the merchant will get the money, but they don’t. This has lead to a few awkward phone calls from the merchants whom I told the money will come eventually.

After I realised this, when a payment goes into processing I retry the same payment with PhonePe and it goes through.

Here’s a screenshot


This should not be happening, Nishesh. We’ve sent you a DM. Hoping to see your reply. Thank you!

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@nishesh my payment never went through. It showed processing and after a while it shows transaction failed

@Devjyoti_Choubey what does phonepe do extra that gpay and jupiter doesnt have…
Phonepe could do the transactions with ease

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Yes… in my experience as well… Phonepe has been smoother in transactions.
Why’s that :thinking:


@here There was an issue with UPI and IMPS transactions during the weekends. We’ve been working on a fix. Apologies for the experience folks :blob_worried:

@Aswin_Benny For the Jupiter status page, this will be picked up sometime in Q4.

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@Shawnpinto waiting for the status page :zap:

Transaction failure is fine with me, its alright but I want a mechanism to retry the payment or atleast copy the receivers UPI ID.

It becomes really hard to initiate the UPI transaction again if you are travelling and dont have the QR code or UPI ID of the shop you bought stuff in.

Typing those long paytm UPI IDs is also not feasible and prone to mistakes. Also, UPI IDs of failed transactions are not added to the recently paid list in the payments tab.


I dont why you guys partner with federal bank half of time there upi server is down you should better partner with other trusted banks.

Jupiter’s UPI partner is Axis Bank

@Krishnendu_Chowdhury its true but if your payment decline or your server dont work its the issue of a bank that you are using

I think this is a problem of axis Bank not federal Bank! as they are upi partner is Axis. maybe I am wrong I don’t know

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@Shourjo I could do payment on sbi using axis bank handles of gpay at same time. thats why i was saying it was federal bank :upside_down_face:

@Aswin_Benny yeah, you are right, never thought of it before :person_facepalming:

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Guys, don’t use Jupiter upi or scanner to make payments. Switch to Gpay and add your Jupiter account there. I lost 589 rupees and I had to pay the merchant from another bank account. Instead add the Jupiter federal bank account in your Google pay or Paytm app and make the payment.

@helloarun What i does currently is before payment i check by bank balance on Gpay by entering upi pin. If it fails to find balance then i am pretty sure that transaction will fail, so i will stick to SBI… (its not a fool proof method or may not be a real one but it helps me most of the time)