Can't send money to Jupiter via Upi

Today I have tried few times transferring from my own account (Uco Bank and Sbi bank )to Jupiter’s account, but declined every time.

Showings the upi ID looks like fraudulent, So the transferring can’t be done …

Both phonepe and Google pay says same problem.

Lastly, Deposit to Jupiter’s account by Jupiter app with Deposit option on the app.

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I also faced this yesterday.

@Shawnpinto please look it the matter

Thanks for raising it here @Biswabiology @The_But :hyper_wave:
I’ll let the team know about this.

We’ll have to investigate what happened. Once done, we’ll get back here.


Same thing happened with my niyox ( Equtas Bank ) :sweat_smile: , the bank employee call me for confirmation, that payment originally made by me or not :joy:

Received SMS: Dear Customer, Your last transaction was declined by the bank for security reason. You will receive a call to verify the transaction. In case you do not receive our call - kindly contact our customer care 180030001222 during banking hours or send a mail to frm¡ for further assistance

Maybe all banks added some extra security features