New surprises by Jupiter in 2022🤔

You guys have to go long way in this banking industry when you shut your services in day time in the name of quarter end. It’s not only impacted me but when I was travelling I saw many young folks were talking about Jupiter services. They asked the petrol pup employee to fill the tank and when these young folks were trying to pay the amount via Jupiter …. Nothing was getting successful. When I’m writing this review the services are still down and no one is there to help anyone. ……have no choice leaving this Neo banking concepts. One cannot trust :100: to such banking which has no face….

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@Jiten @Shawnpinto - do you have answers of why the system maintenance taken without any prior notice / information? What happened with the money which was transacted during this hour? Because neither receiver has received the money since morning nor it is showing in your statement? While SMS says money gone??


Happy new year :blush::tada:
It was federal bank maintenance. Fi also had this banner in the app that maintenance is ongoing. Coming to the transactions not being visible, is it user dependent? I do see the transactions which were carried out during the maintenance period, both inwards and outwards.

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That’s the catch here and since these are Neo bank we cannot even talk to them . I have sent them screen capture and surprisingly everyone is disappeared after that. No one is having any answers of it. Have a bad taste with this bank over new year. 4K gone from account and no one even bothering to talk to customer. Just have simple sample answer- “we are working on it”. since 20 hrs this bank has no clue where the money gone. Such a long system maintenance and even I don’t know whether it’s still going or complete. How someone can trust doing transaction with big amount where there is no face with the name…. Just standard reply. PATHETIC! Trust lost!

My transactions were failing, but money was neither being debited nor credited. So no issue per se. Used icici account instead.

However I’ll recommend that don’t do high value transactions through neo banks or digital banks. Use these for small daily expenses.


@Jiten Need to reply here.

Most of the banks faced issue while initiating UPI payments since yesterday.
No doubt Federal Bank is still facing issues.
But what can Jupiter or Fi can do if the partner Bank undergo maintenance?

Yes, I agree with you that we can’t rely on digital or neo banks completely. But in a way they are dependent on their partner Bank.

Yes , lesson learnt. In fact I’m going to discontinue all transaction with Jupiter. Neo bank has to still mature in Indian Market with proper mechanics for grievance address also. I reached out to Federal bank and they refused for any help and ask me to connect with Jupiter. So it’s a passing the bucks. Let’s see when this will resolve! But I think this was eye opener for me! Thank god it was 4k.


ICICI and Paytm were doing fine, at least for me.

Agreed that issue might be from Federal’s end, but accountability lies with Jupiter. As end customer, we are dealing with Jupiter only. Jupiter’s brand and reputation are at stake here.

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Sorry if it offends you but it seems you’re overreacting. They are facing issues, give them some time. Such problems happen in traditional banks all the time so singling out neobanks is not fair.

No doubt …Technical issues can happen but disappearing and not providing update ….is that fair with Jupiter when they have held back good amount of money? I reached out to federal bank also but they denied any support asking me to contact Jupiter only. I’m feeling like I have been sandwiched between two banks. UPI transaction failed in traditional bank also but their customer care team is always there to care their customer and not like Jupiter. Neo bank- Jupiter works online if they were facing the technical issues ….have we got any kind of prior/ post or interim communication about the same ? All were silent. They did not even bother to inform the customer about this outage. If I would have known this …. I would not have done transactions. My experience is worse with Jupiter and I’m just waiting for my money. It’s 24 hours and still they have no clue where the money is ? Where to go…. Whom to contact…… all in air with Jupiter. Scary!!

Hi @sprakash, Apologies for the delay. The team is already working on it to speed up the resolution; however, I understand your concern and value your association with us. Let me connect with you on DM. Thanks!

You are right. Yesterday while paying at a store through Jupiter there was a notification on the home screen of the Jupiter app saying “UPI payments are not going through, Kindly wait for some time”
But still I initiate the transaction but the payment was successful.

They did warn me for the consequence,I would not have blame them if the transaction were showing pending because it was me who initiate that payment even knowing the UPI service was down.


same thing happened with me at around 8 today. Was paying a govt site and the transaction failed thrice when i come back after 10 mins the app shows that the transaction failed and the message says money was debited too, after 10 mins more app showed that UPI transactions are having problems. Now i have no idea where my money is :pensive:

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I would be happy if we can discuss this here and not over DM. Let people know how Jupiter grievance addressable works and what they have to pay if they keep using this so called “Neo banking”. Let this expose. It’s clear for me that if something goes wrong then we will get into the situation where customer will be helpless and hopeless.

Yeah i too made a large payment at 5 in the morning even though the app was saying that maintenance was going. Payment went through but I wouldn’t cry if it had failed.

Also support team has repeatedly said that they’re working on it. I don’t see the reason for this agression. Traditional banks also don’t solve transaction problems immediately :joy:

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Ohkay, I am not alone in this agony.
I did not try many transactions via Jupiter because of limited free IMPS Transactions but I have a lot of money stuck because of Fi being down. I am so mad right now.

I think it’s because of the backend bank i.e. FEDERAL BANK. That is one reason I can think of why both Jupiter and Fi is down. I mean these are the actual times of test of how much the banks can handle.

I will just have to wait I guess :pensive::pensive::pensive:
It just shows that one can’t depend on Federal Bank, I guess

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This is not aggression, this is frustration. Let Jupiter getting exposed in this thread that how they handle grievances. It’s their duty that customer is not getting sandwiched between provider and bank. For me Jupiter is prime accuse of this mess.

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Yes , complete failure of Neo banking concept. Be ready to get sandwiched between provider and bank.

You are right Federal Bank server is down.
But one suggestion for you, please use NEFT over IMPS for large amount. At least you would be sure that you will get your money within 4 hours on the destined Bank account